28 February 2016


25 February 2016

X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim

I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.

Well, I'm no Picasso but I think painting is another way of keeping a diary
as it minutes part of my thoughts and personality

And this painting pretty much sum up my current mood.


24 February 2016

X-tin Lim

My love comes with limits
I didn't learn that why does my heart restrict its capacity to love other people

Or perhaps it was you.
And I hate that I love you so.


23 February 2016


22 February 2016

X-tin Lim

21 February 2016

X-tin Lim
Say Ohaiyo to Minnie Mouse!

Well, I'd crossed the line between real life and fantasy.
Or maybe if I drank enough Sake now, I'd actually end up back in Twenty fifteen.


Blogging soon! :D

20 February 2016

Xin lim & BS Heng

I'm feeling reluctant for saying sorry, but when I do, I certainly do mean it!

For my dear BS Heng, so here you go!

I'm sorry for making you frustrated, for the times I evidently pissed you off BIG TIME
I'm sorry for being inconsiderate, with phone calls, text messages and abusive words. 
And I felt most sorry for naming you a man-slut, and in case you didn't know
this is my way of expressing myself for wishing you a good Merry Xmas

And yes, sorry for being a pain in the ass, making every moment of your life miserable
I'm absurd, such a meanie, behaving weird, but nevertheless YOU KNOW YOU LOVE ME TOO.

Well, I have always believed that life is too short to be angsty for too long
though the fact that most men are just like fucked dogs, who only date women for 
their slutty looking body. But I know you're different, as you would prefer to date a heiress, right? 

So I hope you stays well & healthy, and never forget the great memories we shared over the years, 
and I'm looking forward to meet you this April my love! :)

PS : Fret not! I still love you to the moon and back ...

19 February 2016

Xtin Lim

18 February 2016

Loving someone from your heart, and loving someone with your mind are two 
very different kinds of love. 

And I know, you're still learning. 

17 February 2016


16 February 2016

X-tin Lim
Very often, people think that they know you. 

They know a few facts about you - through Blogs/Facebook/Forums/Instagram. 
And they piece you together in a way that literally make sense to them. 

But the truth is, that isn't you. That isn't you at all!

14 February 2016


13 February 2016


12 February 2016

tomoo gokita

11 February 2016

xtin lim

10 February 2016

When we learn to be thankfulwe learn to be thoughtful.

Putting ourselves in the shoes of others helps one to view things from another 
person's perspective. And being considerate and appreciative enable one to be gracious, 
and can make a positive difference towards others. 

Thus be appreciative and thankful, and without expecting to receive anything 
from anyone in return.

Well, the very nature of kindness is to spread, and if you are kind to others today
they will learn and be thankful, and tomorrow to somebody else.

PS: Always be thankful and appreciate everything.

09 February 2016

mum & xtin It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are

And when everyone's mindlessly spending their Friday night club-hopping and getting drunk 
on alcohol, I'm back home spending time with my mum. Because all that I am, or hope to be, 
I owe to my mum.

PS : Happiness is seeing your mum's smile.

08 February 2016

X-tin Lim

05 February 2016


02 February 2016


01 February 2016

X-tin Lim