31 December 2014


Happy last day of 2014, humans! :)

Alright, this shall be the last entry of the year, before I head down to town for NYE countdown 
with my homies! :p

Well, looking back in the last 11 months and 30 days, I thank God for all the good & bad things 
that had happened to me, where I lost some but gained more at the same time, received more 
love and blessing everyday, and not forgetting all the life lessons too! :)
Moments of 2014 . . . .

X-tin Lim

And to all my beautiful friends out there, let's count down to the coolest year ever & wishing 
everyone be blessed with lots of love and luck in the world for the coming year, okies! :) 

On a lighter note, let's not forget the best has yet to come! So, see you in a bit 2015

Kisses & hugs always, 
X-tin :)