28 September 2014


I got tagged by my friends on Facebook & Instagram, and I thought it’d be fun to do an entry here, 
but instead of twenty, I had 101 random facts to share with you peeps! :)

So here you go :


1. I am Mini, Cute, Adorable & Exciting.

2. I shared the same birthday as Jet Li, the martial artist.

3. I'm a fashion addict, and Jeremy Scott is just my style, he's magic & he's legend!

4. I have a big appetite, and I always have a huge craving for spicy food.

5. I observed people to the best of my abilities, and I loathe two-faced and pretentious individual!

6. I believe that all life is connected, and will be reborn again, so be nice and good karma will come along.

7. This is my favorite number!

8.  I love the American animated sitcom - The Simpson Family.

9. I treasure true & genuine friendship, and will never leave my friends for other friends.

10. I know many priceless things can be bought at the age of ten.

11. I love wine, and nothing tasted better than a good wine on a beautiful afternoon with nothing to look 
.....forward to, but more of the same!

12. I believe you can copy me, but you'll never be me.

13. I love the excess calories on my boobs, opps!

14. Hitting the digit 3, but I'm someone who gets better with age.

15. I loathe bitter and jealousy girlfriends.

16. My niece Charlotte is the mini version of me.

17. I love blogging and it's like a place of mediation.

18. I do believe love at first sight.

19. I spend most of my time chasing dollars, worrying about dollars, and counting dollars, but I'm
.....never good with numbers.

20. Never in my life bogged down by criticism.

21. I'm a bit of cray-cray.

22. I am an introvert, and I'm serious!

23. I love office politics, it certainly makes me a better person.

24. Winter is my favorite season, but I love Singapore.

25. I am a free thinker, but I know God exists because he has blessed me in so many ways.

26. I have long eyelashes since I was a kid!

27. I love my enemies, because it makes them god damn mad!

28. I've never been drunk, perhaps I've often been over served.

29. I think I'm nearly perfect, but most importantly, I'm constantly VAIN.

30. I'm not a morning or a night person, and getting out of bed is one of the hardest challenges everyday!

31. I believe love is blind, but it's never an excuse of lies and unfaithfulness.

32. They named me the Chilli Padi.

33. I have a lust for diamonds almost like a disease, thus I'll never hated a man enough to give him 
......diamonds back!

34. I believe laughter begets laughter, because the act of smiling can improve my mood.

35. In my younger days, I told all my problems to my dog - Spike.

36. I love bold colours and designs, especially those influenced by cartoons.

37. I'm in a dilemma when seeing cockroaches.

38. I believe the source of all kindness is the human heart.

39. My subconscious is obsessed with nature.

40. I've a huge appetite for truth and justice.

41. I love Moschino & Kenzo!

42. I enjoyed freedom, never having to ask or seek permission for anything.

43. I used to be a judgmental bitch!

44. I believe everything happens for a reason, if it's meant to be, it will be.

45. I'd like to live like a poor woman with lots of money!

46. I love juicy fried chicken, pork belly and cheese fries.

47. I am very ambitious.

48. I loathe people who assume shit, I mean, just ask me and I’ll tell you!

49.  I feel that the toughest assignment God gave me is PATIENCE.

50. I love and missed Switzerland very much, and will be back soon.

51. I think I’m a rare find, such a unique soul!

52. I feel that immature men are awful, and majority of them are not ready to grow up!

53. I can handle the truth, it’s the lies that kill me!

54.  I didn't like healthy food.

55. I had an imaginary friend when I was much younger.

56. I pity low self-esteem people.

57. One of my favorite movie is Murder in the first.

58. I love breakfast, but I prefer to have my breakfast at night, well, it's kinda taste better for some reason.

59. I treasure my family antiques and my siblings.

60. I drink 8 glasses of milk everyday.

61. My first love was Keanue Reeves, and I'm pretty certain he would have been yours, too.

62. My dream career was to be a fashion designer, and then I failed!

63. I despise the spoiled brat terribly. 

64. I boil at different degrees.

65. I loathe broke people with rich mouths!

66. I am ridiculously sensitive towards Beef.

67. Besides wine, water is my favorite drink ever! 

68. I could eat PASTA 3 times a day, 7 days a week and never got tired of it.

69. My favorite genre of movie is comedy.

70. Songs sung by Show Luo always put a smile in my heart.

71. I am a milk-aholic!

72.  I have really bad handwriting, I could almost be a doctor.

73. I'm pretty bilingual.

74. My worst fear is to become a normal person, I’m that serious.

75. I am always hungry.

76. I never owned a Barbie doll, but I love the Moschino Barbie Style.

77. I have two sisters, and I am a twin!

78. Mummies love their boys & boys love their mamas, but I just loathe the term ‘’mummy’s boys’ exist.

79. I got betrayed twice by my favorite girlfriends, it's kinda sad, really.

80. I'm not a bread person.

81. I drank too much coffee on a daily work basis.

82. I didn't like hangover, but I love drinking.

83. I love psychological mind games.

84. I'm not wearing jeans, NO!

85. I like the moment when I break a man's ego.

86. I didn't like the feeling of being falsely accused by retards!

87. I think MONEY creates taste.

88. I'll never dwell on unwinnable conflicts.

89. I'm still happily being mistaken as a school student.

90. I'm brutally honest with people, and if I don’t like you, I will tell you.

91. I loved travelling, and exploring the beautiful world that surrounds me.

92. It took me a long time to learn about a certain failed female relationship.

93. I love cooking, cooking PASTA!

94. I found out that humble people usually don't go far, so I changed.

95. Everything in my life is really about me.

96. I realized I became an insta-addict!

97. I once used my EX boyfriend's toothbrush to clean the toilet, when he makes me angry.

98. I can finished  a whole jar of Nutella.

99. My favourite animal is the Pig.

100. Haha yeah, you've make it to 100, thanks for reading my love! :)