29 September 2014


Who's the fairest of them all? #barbiestyle

X-tin Lim

28 September 2014


I got tagged by my friends on Facebook & Instagram, and I thought it’d be fun to do an entry here, 
but instead of twenty, I had 101 random facts to share with you peeps! :)

So here you go :


1. I am Mini, Cute, Adorable & Exciting.

2. I shared the same birthday as Jet Li, the martial artist.

3. I'm a fashion addict, and Jeremy Scott is just my style, he's magic & he's legend!

4. I have a big appetite, and I always have a huge craving for spicy food.

5. I observed people to the best of my abilities, and I loathe two-faced and pretentious individual!

6. I believe that all life is connected, and will be reborn again, so be nice and good karma will come along.

7. This is my favorite number!

8.  I love the American animated sitcom - The Simpson Family.

9. I treasure true & genuine friendship, and will never leave my friends for other friends.

10. I know many priceless things can be bought at the age of ten.

11. I love wine, and nothing tasted better than a good wine on a beautiful afternoon with nothing to look 
.....forward to, but more of the same!

12. I believe you can copy me, but you'll never be me.

13. I love the excess calories on my boobs, opps!

14. Hitting the digit 3, but I'm someone who gets better with age.

15. I loathe bitter and jealousy girlfriends.

16. My niece Charlotte is the mini version of me.

17. I love blogging and it's like a place of mediation.

18. I do believe love at first sight.

19. I spend most of my time chasing dollars, worrying about dollars, and counting dollars, but I'm
.....never good with numbers.

20. Never in my life bogged down by criticism.

21. I'm a bit of cray-cray.

22. I am an introvert, and I'm serious!

23. I love office politics, it certainly makes me a better person.

24. Winter is my favorite season, but I love Singapore.

25. I am a free thinker, but I know God exists because he has blessed me in so many ways.

26. I have long eyelashes since I was a kid!

27. I love my enemies, because it makes them god damn mad!

28. I've never been drunk, perhaps I've often been over served.

29. I think I'm nearly perfect, but most importantly, I'm constantly VAIN.

30. I'm not a morning or a night person, and getting out of bed is one of the hardest challenges everyday!

31. I believe love is blind, but it's never an excuse of lies and unfaithfulness.

32. They named me the Chilli Padi.

33. I have a lust for diamonds almost like a disease, thus I'll never hated a man enough to give him 
......diamonds back!

34. I believe laughter begets laughter, because the act of smiling can improve my mood.

35. In my younger days, I told all my problems to my dog - Spike.

36. I love bold colours and designs, especially those influenced by cartoons.

37. I'm in a dilemma when seeing cockroaches.

38. I believe the source of all kindness is the human heart.

39. My subconscious is obsessed with nature.

40. I've a huge appetite for truth and justice.

41. I love Moschino & Kenzo!

42. I enjoyed freedom, never having to ask or seek permission for anything.

43. I used to be a judgmental bitch!

44. I believe everything happens for a reason, if it's meant to be, it will be.

45. I'd like to live like a poor woman with lots of money!

46. I love juicy fried chicken, pork belly and cheese fries.

47. I am very ambitious.

48. I loathe people who assume shit, I mean, just ask me and I’ll tell you!

49.  I feel that the toughest assignment God gave me is PATIENCE.

50. I love and missed Switzerland very much, and will be back soon.

51. I think I’m a rare find, such a unique soul!

52. I feel that immature men are awful, and majority of them are not ready to grow up!

53. I can handle the truth, it’s the lies that kill me!

54.  I didn't like healthy food.

55. I had an imaginary friend when I was much younger.

56. I pity low self-esteem people.

57. One of my favorite movie is Murder in the first.

58. I love breakfast, but I prefer to have my breakfast at night, well, it's kinda taste better for some reason.

59. I treasure my family antiques and my siblings.

60. I drink 8 glasses of milk everyday.

61. My first love was Keanue Reeves, and I'm pretty certain he would have been yours, too.

62. My dream career was to be a fashion designer, and then I failed!

63. I despise the spoiled brat terribly. 

64. I boil at different degrees.

65. I loathe broke people with rich mouths!

66. I am ridiculously sensitive towards Beef.

67. Besides wine, water is my favorite drink ever! 

68. I could eat PASTA 3 times a day, 7 days a week and never got tired of it.

69. My favorite genre of movie is comedy.

70. Songs sung by Show Luo always put a smile in my heart.

71. I am a milk-aholic!

72.  I have really bad handwriting, I could almost be a doctor.

73. I'm pretty bilingual.

74. My worst fear is to become a normal person, I’m that serious.

75. I am always hungry.

76. I never owned a Barbie doll, but I love the Moschino Barbie Style.

77. I have two sisters, and I am a twin!

78. Mummies love their boys & boys love their mamas, but I just loathe the term ‘’mummy’s boys’ exist.

79. I got betrayed twice by my favorite girlfriends, it's kinda sad, really.

80. I'm not a bread person.

81. I drank too much coffee on a daily work basis.

82. I didn't like hangover, but I love drinking.

83. I love psychological mind games.

84. I'm not wearing jeans, NO!

85. I like the moment when I break a man's ego.

86. I didn't like the feeling of being falsely accused by retards!

87. I think MONEY creates taste.

88. I'll never dwell on unwinnable conflicts.

89. I'm still happily being mistaken as a school student.

90. I'm brutally honest with people, and if I don’t like you, I will tell you.

91. I loved travelling, and exploring the beautiful world that surrounds me.

92. It took me a long time to learn about a certain failed female relationship.

93. I love cooking, cooking PASTA!

94. I found out that humble people usually don't go far, so I changed.

95. Everything in my life is really about me.

96. I realized I became an insta-addict!

97. I once used my EX boyfriend's toothbrush to clean the toilet, when he makes me angry.

98. I can finished  a whole jar of Nutella.

99. My favourite animal is the Pig.

100. Haha yeah, you've make it to 100, thanks for reading my love! :)

20 September 2014


Am loving the new MOSCHINO Barbie collection, so have you get yours yet? :D


15 September 2014

Tracey Emin

14 September 2014


They say life is a beautiful struggle, but I thank God for this beautiful life, and 
forgive me for all the sins I've done thus far.

And now, I'm feeling more comfortable and contented in my own skin, and not remotely 
bothered by those vile and nonsensical individual. Alright, let's stay crazy, silly, weird 
and whatever you can think of, because life's too short to be anything but H A P P Y! :)
X-tin Lim ................................

06 September 2014


Being a lover of modish trends, I love being bold when it comes to style, and I love being hip, 
which undoubtedly brings out my rocking personality! BUT, a fashionista should never just 
limit themselves in just one style! :)

X-tin Lim ..............................

04 September 2014

X-tin Lim

01 September 2014

X-tin Lim