09 August 2014


Today marks the 49th birthday of Singapore, and of course not forgetting Charlotte 
turned 9 on this beautiful day! :)

Well, just last week we had a mini birthday celebration @ MBS with this lovely princess 
along with some good friends, so here you go :

But first, let me take a #selfie *hehe


Just like last week or the week before, everyday's a beautiful weekend! :o)
And whilst years flew by, recognize how precious time is, happiness remains unchanged.

Well, it's kind of blessing really, to be blessed with all kinds of love in the world 
(from family, friends to a relationship)! And despite all my busy work schedule these days, 
I've all the times feeling awesome and contented, and seriously, it's so happy being alive! :)

Alright, I’m probably exaggerating a little about all that, but not much, as I really think that 
happiness comes in many flavours, for instance if you're happy, you make everyone around 
you feels good too! :D

And I love my niece Charlotte, more than fine wine & twitter! :o)

X-tin Lim

The Birthday cake 

1xtin lim dot com
xtin lim dot com 9xtin lim dot com

The chocolate cupcakes were freshly baked by my sister Elsie, and it taste so good that
9 is never enough for us! And while everyone's busy enjoying the ''YUM-ME'' lunch, I've a 
fair bit of mid-afternoon to kick start an awesome #siaofie time with myself! :D 

X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim

And ahem, the REUNITED sister! :o)
Am glad that she's back with the team - Lol

X-tin Lim
X-tin Lim

In a nice conclusion, let's us live while we are alive & I wished each and everyone of you stays 
blissfully happy! :)

PS : All humans have the right to live their own life ...