05 May 2014


The wonder of humanity is that we are each special & unique, and it is our uniqueness 
that makes us beautiful and distinguishes from the rest. And I believe everyone was born 
''this way'' for a unique purpose, a purpose of God's creation. 

However, if we have lived too long with critical eye towards beauty, especially our own beauty, 
I suppose being beautiful is an understatement. Especially since being different is never a flaw
it's what makes one's unique.

And so, rather than whining or beat yourself up for not looking like the Kim Tae Hee, Yoona, 
or any other celebrities you can named of, why not taking delight in the beauty inside you
the inner strength that surrounds you? 

In other words, just be yourself (don't be a copycat), though imitation's the sincerest form of flattery

X-tin Lim .................