10 May 2014

xtin lim dot com

The past one week, I believe some of you might have already noticed that the hazy weather 
conditions (which is similar to that experienced last year) is returning to Singapore again, 
as the PSI levels reported seems higher than the usual.

Well, just as you know there's a change in the way air quality is reported, which is now based 
on the new PSI reading. But to factor whether the haze comes from the forest fires (from our 
neighbouring countries) or there's prolonged dry spell, I believe nobody likes hazy weather! 

And I presume that the PSI reading levels will increase vigorously for the months ahead, 
hence be prepared for the worse! With this in mind, I'm just hoping that I won't fall sick again, 
and though the fact that I've already been coughing since last Monday! :(

Well on a unrelated note, it's with much sadness that I've gained some weight after the Europe trip, 
due to the aftermath of high carbs intakes and the lack of exercise for several weeks. But am trying 
out the custom low-carb diet plan on an alternate week basis, and it really works well for me! 
And for the good news, I weighed myself and realized that I've lost 3kg till date! Really thanks 
my friend Nicki, as she's the one who passed me the effective low fat diet recipes. And hey love,
if you're reading this entry, thanks much! :)

On a lighter note, saying about friendship, I’m glad that God gave me a few good ones in my life, 
whereby they will go against all odds to maintain a long-lasting relationship with me. And to stay 
an impact on one’s life or mental well-beings is never an easy task, so I’m happy and glad that they did. 
But I've also learned some friendship lesson recently, where it took me quite some time to end a bad relationship with a particular girlfriend, because having enough is enough!

Having said so, I loathe how much a person who’s never admit her mistake, but to victimize herself 
for the wrongs she had done thus far! Anyway, I’m thankful that I’m well taken care of in God’s hands, 
and that nothing can bring me down, let alone those stupid abusive emails?

And again but for the last time, I'd like to pen down that I absolutely loathe pretentious people! 
That is my pet peeve no 1, especially for those who like to sugar-coat words with me, when the fact 
that they didn't even like me as an individual, so please don't come up to me and yelled darling here 
or baby there, because I can even smell your fakeness from miles away!

okies, rant over.

Now for the good event, today's an important day because it's Mother's day! And if I were to sum 
up a sentence to conclude my thoughts of being a daughter for the past 30 years, it would be like, 
'' I really love you mum, and always will be ...''

Well, my mum and I are pretty close together, as we could talk about everything and anything in the 
world. And I'm really fortunate enough to have her, as she's always be there for me, no matter what 
happens. Just wanna say a heartfelt thanks for all the love and concern all this while & happy birthday 
to you Mummy! :)

Alright, let's all celebrate this special occasion with merriness, and hope everyone enjoy this long 
weekends too! Will blog about the belated Valentine's entry anytime this month, so stay tuned! :)