22 April 2014


Back in Taipei, when I celebrated the twenty thirteen Xmas with my boyfriend
where there are much fun times, having to relax, shop, eat, and sleep, and the happy
routine continues for the next 7 days. 

Hahaa. Yes, I'm missing that awesome shit now! :o)

Alright, just as you know, out of one thousand Asian travelers surveyed, more than 3 quarter 
of the majority singled Taipei as their preferred shopping and ‘’makan’’ destination, and 
suppose it's not hard to figure out why.

Well, simply put, so here you go

Heading to the Red Castle for some relaxing drink :)

X-tin LimX-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim

Much earlier on @ a mountain area near ''Jiu Fen'', and then to Ying Yang River Dan Sui Lao Jie.

Loving the cooling weather in Taipei, as it was generally about 12 to 14 degree in the central area, but 
the temperature rosed up to 4 to 7 degree when we travel to the mountain part area. And yes, I looked 
as if I'm fine with the weather, but in all honesty, I feel like I'd just freeze to death for that! :S

Xtin Lim Xtin Xtin Xtin

The mountain has nothing much interesting though, but we do have some fun time teasing each other, 
and look, who's this bear boy?  :)

Xtin Lim Xtin Lim BS Heng

Xtin Lim Xtin Lim Xtin Lim food X-tin Lim X-tin Lim BS Heng food Xtin Lim Xtin Lim dot com Taipei Taipei BS Heng X-tin Lim X-tin Lim Taipei

For the past 5 to 6 hours, we've visited several tourist attractions as shown above, but I particularly enjoyed myself most at Jiufen, as I love to visit places when it was filled with much nostalgic memories.

A mixture of olden days of the Chinese and Japanese style cafes, tea house, and souvenir shops 
were seen everywhere in Jiufen, and it's also easy to find a numbers of small alleys and lanes along the buildings too.

However, one got to be extra caution especially during monsoon season, as  Jiufen is a mountain town area, the roads are generally more steep and narrow, and hence it is likely more prompt to danger.

And to Jay Chou's Secret Restaurant for our dinner :)

Xtin Lim Xtin Lim Xtin Lim Xtin Lim

Undoubtedly, it was a theme restaurant, as big posters, displays, excellent portraits and even 
piano (from the movie ''Secret'') were seem everywhere in the restaurant.

Well, the food are pretty much affordable too, and it came in large portion for every main course. 
Hence, in conclusion, it's definitely worth a visit, for the relaxing ambience, and for your idol too! :)

Visiting the night market - Shilin, Shida, Raohe & Huaxi Street 

xtin lim Taipei Taipei xtin lim BS Heng X-tin Lim Taipei 
I suppose the tourist traffic for all the night markets has increased over the years due to the 

opening of the Taipei Metro system. Well, it was pretty nice though, packed with lots of people, 
and especially there's various kinds of local food and snacks that serve and emphasize the 
traditional Taiwanese delights and delicacies in Taipei.

And also not forgetting one can buy extremely cheap and affordable apparels, shoes, and accessories 
along the night markets. But if I were to pick the most trendy night market, it would be Shida
though small as compared to Shilin, it's atmosphere stands out from the rest, as the crowd are much 
youngerbecause it's one of the elite universities in Taiwan.

Alright, back to the hotel and have a
good rest ...

The following day, woke up with a happy heart! :)

Xtin Lim X-tin Lim

Walking along Yongkang Street, as it is across the road from our hotel. And though this is 
my 4th visit to Taipei, I still love the street because of the many famous and delicious restaurant 
located here. One of them is the Din Tai Feng, where it was singled a  ''must go makan place'' 
for all tourists. (pics on the last day)

Purchase with Purchase, one ice cream for another. Lol
X-tin Lim X-tin Lim

The afternoon lunch with my love @ one of the famous fast food chain restaurant, Formosa Chang 
(Hu Xu Zhang) in Wu Fen Pu.

Well,  Minced Pork Rice (Lu Rou Fan) is always my favorite Taiwan cuisine, and yes, we had 
4 bowl of that within an hour.


Later in the afternoon, we head down to the 101 shopping mall, Agnes B. Cafe for some light drinks 
and dessert.

Xtin Lim

Okies, the queue was pretty ''awesome'' though when we arrived, but we continued to wait for the seats 
because we really love the ambiance, and to conclude it was also a trendy and fully furnished cafe
with lots of interesting ''Agnes bear'' hanging around, and though the drinks were much similar to 
Starbucks & Coffee Bean, it's slightly more costly as compared to the former.

And as mentioned, though a little pricey cafe, I guess it's still not too much for our pocketbook yea. :)

Taipei X-tin X-tin ......................
It's dinner's time!

Well, it's my 2nd visit to this Modern Toilet Restaurant, but my thoughts remain the same - Disappointed! And though the whole menu is affordable & their ''Hot Pots'' are really big portion,
the food is just ''cannot make it!

In conclusion, the restaurant is a much disappointing one, and it's really a torture to one's stomach, 
but was feeling much amazed that the business could find ways to sustain all these years? :s

xtin lim xtin lim BS HENG xtin lim

Back to the hotel, feeling much hungry due to the unsatisfying dinner which seemed so ''promising'' :(

Xtin Lim

The world will be a much happier place for humans to live in, if only no one is falling sick
and especially during a vacation! Well, it's also no surprise for me, as being a sick cat, 
I'm well 'equipped' with all sorts of situation, and my boyfriend also brought along with the 
necessary medication for our emergency needs.

Thankfully, the fever only lasted for a day.
Xtin Lim

The next day, with the fever over and done with, I'm all ready to shop up a storm and eat with peace! :o)

X-tin Taipei

Went to Shilin night market again after our shopping @ Ximending, and this time just for 

Alright, simply put, I just couldn't resist the temptation of having to taste the famous freshly grilled BBQ large scallops mixed with special recipe sauces.

And just as you know, this Scallop-Q thingy has awarded the most creative snack in all Taiwan 
night markets, and yes, it's definitely worth a try! And I was kind of happy, really, as it's now 
selling in Malaysia and Singapore too (Singapore outlet - Bedok Mall

Xtin Lim dot com Xtin xtin lim dot com X-tin

Extremely in love with all the food in Taipei, because it's ridiculously good and cheap, from 
it's traditional Taiwan style meat balls, braised pig legs, oyster omelette, crispy chicken curlet, soy sauce 
marinated duck, sesame oil chicken, dumpling & iron eggs, it just taste too good, and undoubtedly 
it was all about eating, eating and eating non-stop!

 Well, never mind the fact that I'll morph into a fat babe after the trip, because it's all worth it! :)

Also, on a happier note, my love for the Taiwan traditional vermicelli never lessen, especially 
for its signature ''Ah Zong mee sua'' with lots of in house chilli sauce. 

Okies, I know it's paradoxical that a person whom never like vermicelli would be in love with this 
traditional dish, but just as you know, it's really a OMG when you have a taste of it, I meant, it taste 
so heavenlyas the vermicelli ''works'' so well with the flavorful broth, with mini oysters and as 
mentioned, the in house chilli sauce is definitely an added bonus to the dish!

Alright for fairness, I've concluded that I can't go to Taipei without having to taste a bowl of oyster vermicelli. :o)

xtin lim

Sad as it is to say, I'd loved to stay in Taipei for a much longer period, but the nerve-wracking part is, 
to leave everything behind on day 7! :(

The last day in Taipei, camwhore with much love @ the hotel room.


Heading for breakfast :)

xtin xtin xtin xtin X-tin

Awesome breakfast before we head for more awesome shopping near the central area.

And don't you just love our bracelet? :)

xtin lim

Lunch was at Din Tai Feng near Yongkang Street, and as mentioned earlier, the Din Tai Feng 
in Taipei was singled as one of the ''must go makan'' places, As you can see the queue (pic below), 
was constantly packed with people. And of course, the food taste good, especially the signature 
''xiao long bao'' and for the rest of the side dishes as well.

Well, besides Din Tai Feng, there's countless famous restaurants & mini food stalls in Yongkang Street too, 
as one can easily spend more than an hour there for awesome food, and I particularly like one 
noodles stall nearby the park, but so sorry that I couldn't recall the name of the restaurant. :D

On a lighter note, my advise is to visit the place at noon or earlier, as it's a highly crowded in the late evening.


Taipei xtin

The final goodbye to Taipei @ the airport


Apparently, much as I hate to acknowledge that time flies like an arrow, and just as you know, 
I had so much fun for the past 7 days in Taipei, not just for the food & weather, I simply love it's 
culture too. 

It was kind of sad, really, but some days, although I have no idea when will that be, but some days, 
I'm gonna find some time to visit Taipei for the 5th time! :o)