11 May 2014

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Absence do makes the heart grow fonder, but more often being apart makes one 
realized perhaps it's just not meant to be.

For me, life's simple and I just wanna stay happy and beautiful together with my love ones, 
with no hard rules but on the same page or frequency about how we expect from a healthy 
relationship. However, sometimes people change and even the happiest of couples drift apart 
after a while.

''So what's love to you, and how do you define love?'' 

I vividly recall someone prompt me for an answer. But really, I doubt there's any significant 
answers or details where one can define the meaning of love, and if there's any, it's probably 
not love anymore!

xtin lim

And with all thoughts of love forgotten, it probably the right time to move on with one's life, 
because no one foresee if the relationship could worked out in the long run.

It was kind of sad, really, knowing that people just outgrew each other.

PS : Like you, I just wanna be happy too :o)