31 January 2014

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It's the year of HORSE, wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!! :o)

May this year brings you happiness, good fortune, peace, great health, success and 
prosperity throughout the year ahead, and loads and loads of cuddly hugs from your love ones.

Xtin Lim

Happy CNY 2014 Gong Xi Fa Cai !!!

25 January 2014

xtin lim

xtin lim ...

18 January 2014

x-tin lim

PS : Love your life, love yourself! :)

08 January 2014

Guy Bourdin

06 January 2014



PS : Worrying does not lessen tomorrow's troubles, it takes away today's happiness, hence don't worry
         be HAPPY! :)

04 January 2014


02 January 2014