31 December 2013


Are you ready to usher in 2014? :)

Alright, this shall be the last entry of the year, and just as you know, I’m in Hong Kong right now, 
enjoying this holiday season with my love ones. 

Well, once again we have come to the time of the year to look back and also to look forward. 
And back in the last 11 months and 30 days, it’s been a good, harsh, fast but fun year for me
not sure about yours, but am sure the best has yet to come! :D

Moments of 2013  . . . .


As we count down and rejoice the end of 2013, I just wanna say a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ 
to all my friends, mentors and of course YOU - my faithful readers! :)

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and best of health and an awesome year ahead
All the best for the holiday season too! :)

PS : See you in a bit 2014! :o)