30 October 2013


Whether you're looking for something work-chic or just want to relax and unwind, the new collection
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Well, everyday is a FASHION DAY, and I suppose every girls love to be glammed up!
So here's my favourite pick for the month! :)


Let's us jazz up in a bit!

Just as you know, I have a thing for tube dresses, because they're so convenient for all occasions,
and what I love about this dress is, it's comfy yet effortlessly elegant, and one could raise

the glam factor by piling on a leather jacket, a pair of leggings or a statement jewellery for a
modern touch! :)

xtin lim

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27 October 2013


X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim

PS : Nice apps 魔漫相机

26 October 2013

xtin Lim

xtin Lim

PS : Faith is a waking dream ...

13 October 2013


Bitterness and jealousy in a lady is a very unattractive quality, and if this group
of individual judges you, they’re not defining you, they’re defining themselves.

Well, I’ve just come to terms that some people’s actions can be really retarded, and
at the same time, yet it seems that they have no shame of their wrong doing till date?!

For a long time, I’d like to say, ‘’your opinion of me, doesn’t define who I am!
And I suppose those remarks was much more about you, than it was about me!’’

Anyway, pretending to be sweet and charitable by doing some charity work once in a blue moon
just to show the public, doesn’t make you a saint, because in reality, you’re nothing but a devil
at heart – to curse someone, especially your friend is never a sweet act! (email too)

And though every cell of my body commands me to disregard you as a friend, but for sanity sake,
I shall leave all the blame behind, and let this be the last time it happens!

Apparently, much as I hate to acknowledge it, these wounds are very real and deep, and it’s
damaging a friendship. But it makes me learned that, nothing last forever, especially in a
female relationship.

I see you, I hear you, but can you feel me . . . .


PS: I utterly loathe bitter & pretentious people, and that's my pet peeve number one. Hence,
don't you dare come up & sugarcoat words to me, and stab me at my back!

12 October 2013

xtin lim

x-tin Lim xtin lim

07 October 2013

X-tin Lim

X-tin Lim

06 October 2013

X-tin Lim

X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim lovextin

05 October 2013


For years, I refrained myself from indignation and umbrage at unsubstantiated rumours
and gossips in the cyber world. Because I knew that only unhappy individual takes a situation
in which they're unsure and come to a negative conclusion. And being said, those who treat
others as less than human or a fool, shall not be surprised when the breed they have cast on 

others comes floating back to them, poisoned, and DIE!

And certainly, I will never let myself be subverted by those gossipmonger!

Anyway, if one kills off other’s happiness in order to be happy, then that particular wicked person
definitely have a sad life. But well, most fire one’s kindle for their enemy often burns themselves
more than others – You know who you are!

Well, without a doubt, those harsh sentences, writings & jealousy act of those inclement geeks
in Hardwarezone Forum just depicted the above mentioned characteristics.

The below is what they've wrote after reading my post on FB :


Don't sophisticate my words PLS, as 3K is strictly for photo shoot & no other means!



And I disagree on so many levels with regards of the things those geeks wrote in the forum,
for instance, I have never doubt my ability to earn 3K for a photo shoot, because in all seriousness
I was hired twice till date!

And for those who mentioned I look awful/freaking ugly etc - Mind you, I doubt you - HWZ geeks
can ever find a girlfriend anywhere near my standard (maybe in your wet dreams), and that's
fairly conclude why you guys have the time to hide behind PC Wall gossiping rather than go dating!




Anyway, people with negative correlation and attitude, combination with jealousy and bitter towards

others, makes themselves dissatisfied with almost everything in their life, even with their family or
close friends, as one become more psychologically uneasy with every flash of green!

Alright, there's some remarks seemed to be more rationalize : Thank You!


Well, sad as it is to say, those people integrity is no longer in question, as it certainly flown out the 
window, but whatever it is, more often than not, I wouldn’t be bother as no one can makes me feel
inferior about myself without my permission!
Also, I still believe that a relaxed attitude lengthens life, while jealousy & gossipmonger rots it away.

Hence, don’t be stingy with thoughtful words (sugarcoat aside), as kind words in the form of appreciation
and praise are the cheapest gifts one can give others.  And very often, the more you offer being kind, the
more they will come back to you as well!

04 October 2013

X-tin Lim

02 October 2013

X-tin Lim