28 September 2013

selfie x tin

X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim xtinlim

27 September 2013

X-tin Lim

X-tin Lim xtin

26 September 2013

X-tin Lim

X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim xtin

22 September 2013


Time flies and we are into quarter three. Well, life wasn’t really that fantastic for me if I were to
compare the first two quarters of the year, as feeling constantly sick was essentially the only reason.

But thankfully, I still look as good off-duty without makeup or being a sick cat! Lolx

Alright, joke aside. But I suppose, besides being a staunch defender & had an iron-like personality,
my endurance level of pain & stress is pretty much impressive too! :)

Confidence, Strength & an Abiding belief are all conveyed by a smile 

X-tin Lim

PS : One kind word can warm three winter months! :))

15 September 2013


''The course of true love never did run smooth'', that’s what William Shakespeare
once said, or perhaps relationships are not just rocket science, as one need to be more 
patience in certain ‘things’ ….
X-tin baby Lim

PS : Without me, you are just a big kid pretending to be an adult.

14 September 2013

X-tin Lim ..............

07 September 2013

hair profile

Just as you know, hair grows one cm a month and so here I am, to revamp my hair @
Hair Profile Salon for a different look of the month! :)

Colours, we can never stop at owning just one!

And today’s, majority of the women think of all colours except the absence of colour, unless
you’re a Disney princess, with a boring long and dull one-length hair colour – apparently not!
Else, highlights is a perfect way to add a pop of colours to your new look!

Well, I think pastel shades like blissful blue and lavender colours have it all!
It’s like the combination of perfect harmony, where the colours of beauty is absolute,
as it alerts everyone with a happier notion.
xtin lim
And YES, without a doubt,  Kenji certainly ensure every strand of my hair stands out 

and be perfect! :)

So hurry, dial this hotline - 6838 1811/ 6737 7617 to book an appointment now! :)

Visit Hair Profile Salon @ 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza #01-91
t: 6838 1811/ 6737 7617
e: Hair_profile@hotmail.com



02 September 2013


...... x-tin lim xtin lim .........

01 September 2013

Guy Bourdin