27 August 2013


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24 August 2013


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22 August 2013


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18 August 2013


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17 August 2013


It’s deliciously interesting to conclude, we women have enormous power over everything!
And yes, without a doubt we certainly rock this world in many flavours! :D
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PS: God delights doing the impossible for us, because prayer was in order! :)

11 August 2013


New and fashionable accessories are set to dazzle your senses
this Summer, so cosset yourself with these today!

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09 August 2013

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PS: Happy Birthday SINGAPORE!

04 August 2013

hair profile

Just yesterday, went to Hair Profile Salon and had the Napura M9 Rikeir treatment
done on my hair by Kenji.

I'd say this treatment is awesome, and I'm extremely pleased with the result, as my hair instantly
feel so much softer and manageableand also retain it's original shine for just one treatment!  :))

Well, in a very few words I'd like to reserve my most profound words of thanks to Kenji,
my hair stylist, who's perpetually putting much effort in managing my hair with care, and
to endure with my outrageous lateness for all the hair appointments!

Thanks mxch! :)

                                                                  Loving my hair to bits     

xtin lim

With so much happening these days - The haze and the high temperature and befoulment
in Singapore, I'm pretty sure everyone would have their very own set of hair problem
but fret not, Napura M9 Rikeir treatment is just the ultimate solution for you!


Because with concentration of Micro proteins of several fruit acids, M9 Rikeir treatment 
effortlessly repair your dry and fizzle hair to it's original shine and moisture, and
most importantly I witness that! :))
Hair Profile Salon

Today, the good news is that, for the first 20 customers who call to make an appointment
will be given a special rate for this Napura M9 Rikeir treatment for just $80 instead of $150!

So hurry, dial this hotline - 6838 1811/ 6737 7617 to book an appointment now! :)


Visit Hair Profile Salon @ 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza #01-91
t: 6838 1811/ 6737 7617
e: Hair_profile@hotmail.com




03 August 2013

xtin lim

The other day went to ''The Line'' with BB for some special occasion.

Well, returning from vacation really makes us become much closer, and I really treasure
this relationship bond between us!

X-tin Lim

This life is mine to feel, and mine to love! :))
X-tin Lim

My own dating demons appear when there’s food involved! Lolx

And, if there is ever a time my clumsiness comes into full effect, it’s only when I am hungry.
I know, I'm speaking of fats and you're right, fatty foods are the sole cause of weight gain,
not to mention a host of diseases like obesity, heart disease & stroke.

But hey, I'd say life's too short to be sad over being fat and all that, and of course being
slim is nice, but the below are even nicer! :D

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The feelings within us just won't let go :)
X-tin Lim X-tin Lim

PS: Merriness x