20 April 2013


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X-tin Lim X-tin Lim

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X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim

So, the conclusion?

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18 April 2013


16 April 2013

Last Friday after a busy week, in an unintentional manner before I could declare the
TGIF mood, I injured my ankle! :(

Well, I have no idea what’s happening to me, as it seems that I’d always attracted to calamity,
or perhaps it's supposed to be the default setting during my birthday month?

The ''Healing Crisis''
X-tin Lim

Sometimes, there is a ''healing crisis'' when the problem appears to be worse
than it was at the very beginning. And when the pain gets worse, the problem seems
harder to solve.

Well evidently, I could hardly walk due to the injury and swollen on my ankle,
as each time I tried to walk, the pain is unbearable, and for the past three days
it was a nightmare for me, as there were sleepless nights with regards of the pain
and itchiness.

Well, come to think of it perhaps it’s never a bad experience for me, as seizing
this incident, I clearly witness my existence in someone’s heart! :(

Alright, I grudgingly agree or admit that it probably not that someone’s fault to neglect
me due to his ''overloaded'' work commitment - drinking sessions with colleagues. *roll eyes*

But, unbeknown to him, the hurtful anger is deeply entrenched in me, because all
I felt was immensely upset and disappointed towards everything!

X-tin LimX-tin Lim

Yes, I always displayed anger of all sort, and anyone can viewed me as unreasonable,
narrow-minded or any kind, but how can I not be pissed with my boyfriend
when all he did was rebuffed me at my worst possible moment?

I meant, doesn’t he know that all his actions have a fundamental effect on me?

And needless to say, his destructive actions were not very wise then, by ignoring
phone calls and texts, so I suppose I have all the rights to get pissed with him!

However, it was some time later that I realised it’s not much of a big deal isn’t it?
Just needing someone to accompany and help me, rather than having him? :( 
But I hoped, for sanity’s sake this shall be the last time.

Distressing much, my mum complained too but added that it’s not entirely my fault,
as the pain of my ankle has probably weaken my ability to think on difficult and
stressful situations like this.

Of course, I'm not coming up with an excuse for my inner frustrations, but it could be the cause,
as the past and present pain hurts - The constant headaches and ankle problem.

X-tin Lim

Perhaps, everything happens just the way it needs to for my greater good.

Anyway it matters no more, I just wanna keep things simple and letting go of the many
distractions that's making my life complicated.

To my delight, I think straightforward solution works best for me, instead of going in circles
to avoid the act. And I suppose, April is the best month for me to just relax and recharge!

For fairness, I knew my boyfriend still love and cares for me, as the upcoming event
will prove it all!
X-tin Lim

Also, recently I had a sudden realisation – Many a time, some relationship just don’t work out
for variety of reasons.

For years, I’ve always thought of myself being a good friend who wanted to do something
to make a positive difference to all my friends.

But then I realized, I was pretty much paralyzed for all sorts of complicated platonic relationship
I faced these years, and it seemed so overwhelming to me.

For instance, falling in love with your best friend.

In many ways, the person may seem kind, really like you, or even agree with every damn thing
you said. But, if the spark’s not there, it’s just not there! 

And I suppose, genuine friendship should always rely on how individual being honest
with each other, but if one person is secretly in love, then all sorts of problems can arise.

But I'm glad, glad in a way that in the midst of dilemma I’ve managed to divert these
superfluous feelings from a friend towards me.

X-tin Lim

Though thankfully he did accept the facts about us being only friends, I knew it’s kind
of difficult for him to see me again, as he probably still pining hope from me, in the event
we might eventually get together some day.

But sad as it is to say, the answer is always a no.

With this in mind, I think minority of the platonic relationships doesn’t work well,
as it seemed to get lost in the circular motion of human thoughts that we’re not mindful of,
as our actions set everything including our thoughts in motion.

However, I still hoped for the best towards this innocent friendship.

Alright, in a nice conclusion, I'm setting off to Seoul in less than 2 weeks’ time! 
Well, I’m really looking forward to it, aside being a sponsored birthday trip
from my beloved boyfriend, it’s our virgin trip to Seoul too!

And I supposed, April is also the best month for some honey-moon travel! :D

07 April 2013

Peace is just a prayer away, and no matter how stormy the day before was, each day
shall starts fresh and new, without anger or grudges.
With this in mind, I thank God for giving me the extra patience to get through the coming
challenges! :o)
X-tin Lim .