31 March 2013


Youthful, vibrant and with an immaculate style that defines a strong sense of individuality
had always been the favourite. And today, I'm sharing an awesome online boutique with
all my beloved readers - www.unestab.com

The characteristic of Unestab style defines the youthful spirit of rebellious fashion,
which energized by a strong sense of boldness along with its accumulation of colourful charm
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So here at Unestab.com, you’ll never run out of style! :)
Alright, let’s check out some of my favourite fashion essentials @ Unestab :

MonsterClub.SG MonsterClub.SG MonsterClub.SG

As to thank everyone who supported the newly launched Unestab online boutique,
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Happy shopping with Unestab and have a blessed Sunday!!! :)

27 March 2013

xtin lim Xtin LimXtin Lim

PS : Believing your heart rather than your head is the only way to find true happiness.
And I suppose, you too should let your heart guide you in how you fill your days with
love, freedom and happiness! :)

24 March 2013

Xtin Lim

PS : Please pardon the poor quality of the vid! (:

23 March 2013

xtin lim
Loving with your actions means more than words.
Just last week, WE finally got the time for a short-trip during the busy weekends! :)

Me: Living life to the fullest, smile more and regret less

X-tin Lim

There is no doubt that in many ways, my life  gets better as I grow in age! Well, am also loving
the extra bits of growing more in tune with my current life, and I really wonder if I've already met
the person I'm going to stay faithful forever?
X-tin Lim

Patience is the companion of wisdom that God desire us to have, thus indulge in a good
cam-whore time with myself, while waits patiently for the outrageously late BB!  :o)
X-tin Lim X-tin Lim

Making our way to LEGGOLAND ...
X-tin Lim X-tin Lim

And here we are! :D
xtin lim dot com X-tin Lim X-tin Lim

Moi X BB X Xtreme Fun Time

X-tin Lim

Joyous moments! :D
X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim

A smile will never be wasted, let alone besides YOU 
X-tin Lim

Tatto x new found love :)
xtin lim
The Red x Leggo x Factory .....................

X-tin Lim

Do you understand the bitter-sweet of love? :)

X-tin LimX-tin Lim

My extraordinarily vain Boy
Xtin Lim ........ Xtin Lim
PS: When holiday ends, that's the time my sad little brain starts to stir D:x

19 March 2013

xtin X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin

12 March 2013

xtin lim ..............

03 March 2013


I've never like any Chinese Lunar New Year's gathering ever since I turned twenty-five,
let alone I am turning 29 in less than two months time! :) 

Xtin Lim

Well, I wouldn't be coy with anyone about my opinion on marriage.

Just last month, and every year at this period of time I’d received an avalanche of questions
like ‘’ We'd like to see you get hitched this year’’ and bla bla bla.

Frankly, I loathe and felt unjust about being forced to answer of the above mentioned.
Hence, this will be my last response :

"I suppose marriage comes from the heart and soul, and for sure I don’t need any busybody
to say or suggest, okay you should just get married!''

Well, for truth and many reasons, I concluded that my own happiness and destiny lies in my hands,
not a useless piece of paper.

So now, is there really a need to rush into tying the knot?

I mean, if something’s really meant to be, it will happen isn’t it?
Thus, I suppose your suggestive advice and opinion on marriage is neither desired nor required!

Anyway, nothing breaks my heart more than seeing myself settle for the less, let alone with men
who chipped away a woman’s self-confidence, criticizing everything from her make-up to her dressing, leaving her an empty shell of a woman by making her believing that she was indeed stupid, fat, ugly

and unworthy, and ''so lucky'' to have him since no one else would want her?!

And like seriously, the great irony was that majority of the men would let things or relationships
go sour for ages, effectively forcing the other partner to end it, and then come to entreat us to show
mercy on them? Lol.

On a lighter note, I am not referring to a particular person, but majority of the men that anyone
can think of.

Alright, this is me and my boyfriend, and he's particularly loving in many ways, but very much
absorbed by his work. I meant, besides his work and being an Arsenal die hard fan, it seems like
everything else including me, took a very second place! :(

Xtin Lim

Celebrated our 2nd year Valentine with much love, and yes I'd say so much love because
the latter is always the better.

And thanks BB, for the gifts and everything you've planned for me! :)

xtin lim

I agonised over whether to say this, but very often the particular things or person that
we can't change, always end up changing us.

Well ...
It sound kind of pathetic, really but those pointless conversation really mean alot to me! :p

Xtin Lim

PS: Behind the weird-woman personal, it's always wise to keep some feeling to oneself, because
it’s never easy for anyone else to truly understand.