10 February 2013


08 February 2013

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03 February 2013

The other day, having the usual girls night out with my dearest darlings Andie & Del.
Well, I cannot tell you how much fun it is to hang out with the girls, but all I can conclude is
I really ENJOY much! :)

Having our 1st movie night @ PS, watching the horror film ''MAMA''. And yes, you heard
it right, it's goddamn horror! Awwww ....

Alright, here you go with the pics :

.Dinner after the movie :)

x-tin Lim .......
.Am having my favourite pasta :p
x-tin Lim

.My two darlings and me ...............
. ............ xtin and andie

..Well, it's unlikely to miss what's truly important in life if one is in touch with true friends,
..and I believe those times of shared happiness with them would stand out in my mind
..more than all the other material success! :)

..And in fact, the more I open my heart to them, the more it seems to fill friendship with love,
..and I must proudly say I love all my friends with a constant feeling of gratitude,
..and for all the joy they have given me!

..Alright, am still battling with tiredness, so I shall end this entry with this! Gd night! :))


01 February 2013