26 January 2013

X-tin Lim

20 January 2013

Xtin Lim
I love all things cute, and the little girl in me has a soft spot
for Panda!

XTIN LIM .......
Well, I suppose there is nothing more adorable than having one
for yourself ! So get it now, selling only @ $29.90!!! :)

xtin lim

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19 January 2013

X-tin and friends
The key to a fulfilling life journey is to stay positive and healthy.

But well, besides keeping ourselves in the pink of health, friendships are also
far more influential than we probably believe.

I reckon everyone admired the kind of friendship bonds with sessions of overwhelming
and excitement, but I suppose not everyone is blessed with a handful of super close friends
as loving and exciting or so true.

I meant, one doesn’t need a repertoire of so called ‘’friends’’ to make you smile, as only
a close group of trustworthy, supportive and fun-loving ones are good enough.
Because at the end of the day, they’re the only ones who will be there for you
in times of good and bad! :)

Swimming and BBQ session @ Jocelyn's Place
Xtin & Friends

Celebrating Kel's Birthday

Xtin & Friends

One of the most exciting findings between the two! :D

Xtin & Friends

Well, I’m incredibly fortunate to say that I have so many supportive and caring friends
in my life. I hope they know who they are and how much I appreciate their gifts of love! :)

Frankly, they’ve been an invaluable grounding force in my life, especially during those
gruesome times when I’ve lost sight of the important stuff in life. And most importantly,
their kind words of advice have been delightfully contagious, and I cherish their
tremendous support and constant encouragement with much love!
6 years of friendship, and more BFF gathering to come!

Xtin & Friends Xtin & Friends

Alright, thank you guys, and lots and lots of love to you, my precious friends, with my
deepest appreciation! And I’ll always cherish the friendship and be there for you! :)
Cherish this friendship with much Love!

PS: I hasten to add that, I still have great affection for the rest of my friends who has not been
......hanging out with me lately or mentioned in this blog entry! Love you too! :p

15 January 2013

Xtin lim dot com

13 January 2013

xtin Lim xtin lim

I vowed to find more reasons to laugh, to find things funny, to appreciate friend's humor
and to show more loving-kindness. Thus, no more polite smiling, or reluctance to be joshed
and teased!

09 January 2013

X-tin Lim Dot Com
Dear readers,

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06 January 2013

X-tin Lim
In Bali, though many surmised that it’d be a monsoon season just like Singapore,
the athletic me still remain unruffled and happily playing under the sun for hours! :p

As to forget the high-and-low, we find no time for worries but indulges fun with
wantonness and wit! :D

X-tin Lim
X-tin Lim
xtin lim

Sometimes you know the moon is not such a perfect circle, just like how wonderful things
happen and then fizzle into nothing, but admittedly it’s one of our finest trip in 2012! :)

Well, they said once you’ve passed through the magic of honeymoon period, it’s either
you don’t’ like what you see in front of you, or it’s just gonna get worse!

Ironically, I found out that no matter how much time I’ve been spending with him,
it just doesn’t seem like nearly enough. And the chemistry becomes even more enticing if he
reciprocates these feelings. Lol

So essentially, I supposed that’s love and the underlying message was that I am really fond
of this boy! :o)
X-tin Lim X-tin Lim
X-tin Lim
Took majority of my pics using cell phone, so here you go :D

X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim

X-tin is occasionally shy yet sexy, with a playful quality behind the intelligence! :)

Alas, that's how I define myself and I'm absoultely feel comfortable with this statement
on so many levels, and I suppose nobody has the right to dictate on how I wish to
embellish myself! :D

xtin lim

Battling with tiredness, but that doesn't stop me from travelling!
X-tin Lim X-tin Lim
..Confessions of a hungry woman, Bali Seafood fantasy is LOVE! X-tin Lim
..Bump into Dylan and girlfriend in Bali :)X-tin Lim X-tin Lim


X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin X-tin Lim
..Sleepy head, but as compared to my lovely boy he seems
..much comatose besides me! :p
X-tin Lim
X-tin Lim