30 December 2012

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Thank God, We've all survived the ''End of the World'' which was predicted to be fall 
on last Friday, Dec 21st! :D

Well, now that no earthquake or unknown alien invasion did occured, and we did somehow 
''make it'' through domsday, so let's us just pray for more awesome years ahead!!

On a lighter note, this year Xmas celebration was spend in a more comfy way in Bali,
because ''r e l a x i n g'' is simply the word! :o) 

Alright, here you go :

Who would have thought that a vain-pot like me for spending only 10 mins to achieve this? 
Lololo :D

X-tin Lim dot com
One of my New Year's resolution is to spend more time vacationing
at the beach!
X-tin Lim dot com

X-tin Lim dot com X-tin Lim dot com X-tin Lim dot com X-tin Lim dot com

On this sunny day, I had a sudden realization ............

X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim dot com

The twenty-eight years old me still indulge myself with your peppery foot ...

X-tin Lim
X-tin Lim mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaa X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim dot com ............. Xtin Lim mmmmmmmmmmmm
Am loving the beach, the weather and the one behind me! :)

xtlim dot com Xtin Lim Dot Com X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim X-tin Lim

Well, the 4 days of good tanningAsian food and endless shopping passed steadily fast,
and admittedly I really enjoyed myself to bits! :D

Alright, guessed I shall end here but stay tuned for Part II entry yea ! :)


26 December 2012

X-tin Lim X-tin Lim
PS: Merry Beach Day! :D

19 December 2012


17 December 2012

X-tin Lim X-tin Lim

PS: Counting down to that Xmas trip! :0)

10 December 2012


09 December 2012

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01 December 2012