29 October 2012

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2 days ago, went to the USS Halloween Horror Night and The Zouk Doll House,
with my two darlings Andie and del.

Well, it's always deliciously interesting to attend Halloween Parties, however it's doesn't
seemed likewise this year, because the queue was so much scarier than the haunted house itself,
and the time seemd to be moving much slowly in USS, as we have to queue for more than an
hour for a single ride! :(

Scary much?

Well, though the queue is almost unforgivably cruel to us, we do enjoy ourselves and 
have a fair bit of fun too! :D

Alright, here you go :

The theme for this year halloween is Living Dead Dolls 

Xtin Lim
Feeling horribly wrong to see stuff like this @ 12 midnight

Xtin Lim mmmmmmmmmmmm
A sanguine complextion of a dead doll 

Xtin Lim mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Hell will never have it's due till it have YOU

Camwhore a few pics of myself while waiting for my driver to come & pick me :)

This Halloween outfit and make over cost me quite a bomb, but it's definitely
worth the money and effort though, as I simply love this classy but not scary 
dead doll look! :D

Xtin Lim
Xtin Lim Xtin Lim Xtin Lim xtin lim
Taken @ USS Halloween Horror Night

xtin lim
Highly amused by all the bloody scene

Xtin Lim
The three Darlings :D

xtin lim
Sexy Race Queen and Hot Police Woman

xtin lim
Living Dead doll, moi

xtin lim

Ended the night with reference of hangovers and tired dancing legs


Alright, I shall end the entry here! Good night & I'll blog again soon! :p

PS : We gotta learn to love unselfishly :))

18 October 2012

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PS: Sometimes a little love snuggle goes a pretty long way! :D

14 October 2012

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Many a time, I often do wonder is it just us or has the promise, ‘’Until death do us apart’’

has lost all its meaning? And as how often the most heartfelt wedding vows disintegrate,
with nothing left on the surface but only treachery and despairing sigh.

Having said that, I have witnessed too many couples who are supposedly bound together
in bliss after their marriage, yet express no version of love that one can even recognise,
or perhaps rage, recriminations and insecurities are the proximate cause of it?

Well I am not snobbish about this, but truth to be told is that, the phrase ‘’live happily ever after’’
tend to be just another fake fairy-tale ending that never really did come true.

Buttressed by experience, the true stories around me are the cold hard facts that back up
the case for what I call for. For instance, the below is the true story of my ex colleague, Kelly.

The True Story of Kelly

Kelly was a beauty at 21 back then when she married her prince charming Darrel,
after they decided to flush off a one year dating romance.

Darrel, on the other hand went to the university after his navy to continue his engineering
studies, while Kelly worked as a junior executive in a private bank to support them.

During these learn years, all they had were just the bare necessities of life, but Kelly worked
extremely hard to climb the corporate ladder, while taking care of both Darrel’s parents,
paying household bills and bared him two beautiful sons.

Soon Darrel became an engineer, and as his financial environment started looking up,
he began to spend more time with his fellow colleagues, looking down at the ripe cleavage
of other younger women in the drinking clubs.

Though being aware of Darrel’s drinking and flirtatious habits, Kelly ignored the signs of
unfaithfulness and lies in the early stage, and pretends its fine as she's contented as long as
Darrel comes home every night.

However as time passed, Darrel grew more handsome and charismatic, and before he reaches 40
he already amassed quite a large fortune from his senior position and other side business which
he had invested during the years.

Well, it was also the same time poor Kelly got booted out of their apartment, because the
heartless Darrel moved in with his paramour.

Feeling much disheartened, bitter and vengeful, the despairing Kelly felt the injustice for herself.
As she believed that she had exchanged her youth and beauty for what she thought would be a
lifetime partnership, but all she got was being replaced by a younger version of herself. And it’s like
an immense insulting towards her on several levels, because at the age of 40 she was too plump
and wrinkled.

And though Kelly does not have any financial issue that needs Darrel’s assistance, she felt empty within,
and started to blame herself for believing the fairy-tale kind of marriage, which blinded her into reality. Because knowing her sacrifices throughout the years, she’s still facing the cruel facts of having to endure
the humiliation and unfairness of being dumped by her husband.

Darrel on the other hand, moved in with his young and slutty paramour, and sued for divorce,
and of course with his financial position he got the custody of his two sons, while Kelly got nothing!

So now, Kelly was facing middle age alone, while Darrel remarried and started a new family, leaving her
emotionally devastated, and totally bewildered with the possibility of not trusting any man again!

Well, this is a sad story, and though I am writing about it lightly, I actually feel the intense pain of it.
But I often wondered, how come gold-digging bimbos always fare better than the hard working wives?
And this is the kind of shit fact that makes one's blood boil, isn't it?

Perhaps, like the old saying goes ‘’time doesn’t change people, it just shows their true colours’’.
And indeed, I doubt anyone can hardly find the integrity from a man who cheated on his wife,
and went on with his life without feeling any guilt, while remarried with another younger woman!!

And though I wasn’t married nor were there any immediate prospects in sights for now, the story of my
ex colleague Kelly, constantly aroused echo in my heart because with much sense the paradox is that,
it seems that women who married early with a man with high potential, often got dumped after
the husband succeeded in his career!

And in Kelly’s case, she has placed too high a possibility of her own happiness in Darrel’s hands,
but sadly she’s probably just a loathsome bore in his eyes now.

Of course I’m not saying all men will behave like what Darrel’s does, but there are far too many
true stories of early marriage which ended up in divorce cases around us, and to me that’s the
solid evidences of the above mentioned.

And this is why I always believe that, a later marriage is a wiser choice due to its benefits
of maturity, and stability of the mind. Since most women nowadays do not need men to bring home
the big bucks, so why marrying early? As faithfulness and emotional stability are the top characteristics
in finding the Mr Right now, while a man’s financial prospect is less important to the modern women,
like us.

However, I still see trend of marriages these days. Where everyone is so hurriedly to get hitched,
just because the whole world is getting married? *yawnz*

And many still believe that young women should always maximize their beauty to ‘’hooked’’ up
a rich man, married and have children before their looks diminish, and believing that women who
delay marriage is less likely to find a good partner later in life. Really?

But well, my thought was smart and successful women these days don’t like to get hitched early,
though our mother’s generation has to. Because the modern us have our options open, and with much
warning of the pitfalls of marriage, we certainly do not wish to go through the agony of divorce,
as we have a profound respect for our freedom and privacy, and most importantly enjoying dating
more than our fair share than the rest!

Anyway, women marrying early for the sake of money aren’t new these days, and it's also
pretty hard to find men who are generally all-around good partners either!

So here’s the bottom line – If you are one of those smart and successful women out there, or even
if you're not, there’s no need to rush to have anyone to take care of you! Thus, spend your quality time
to pick and choose a man wisely, as finding the right one takes time, effort and dedication!

Lastly, Kelly and Darrel is a true story, but names have been altered because I have to protect the
identity of the innocent and guilty alike. So I presume, no one should recognize him or herself
or anyone else in this entry. And if anyone believes they do, they are highly mistaken.

07 October 2012


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05 October 2012


03 October 2012

Just 3 more days, and a bit away to the hottest party season dream come true!
So let's sizzle it sexy with DJ Yami from Hk and the rest of the DJS from Asia on
6th Oct 2012 @ Wavehouse Sentosa!! :D

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PS: I may pop in for a while, so see you guys! :)

01 October 2012