22 September 2012

It seems cliché to say how time flies, but what’s trite is often true, as you're here 
along with me to witness the 5 years success of this blog! :)

Well, I can never imagine my life without blogging, let alone writing this space
without all of my readers here. As many of you are truly my sounding board,
my listening audiences, and definitely my other half in so many areas of my life,
where you've put up with all my nonsense through the years, and still loving me
in many possible ways!

Thank you, my beloved readers! :)

Paradoxically or not, I didn’t fell in love with blogging from the start.
Because very often, I have to refrain myself from feeling indignation at the
gross injustice others view me, and umbrage at the unsubstantiated comments
and remarks people made towards me.

But well, the old saying is that - It takes two to tango.
So if these quarrelsome people insist on being such a wicked individual, with sharp tongues
and bitter words, they will definitely find a willing partner, because there are sure plenty of
opportunities to kindle strife with anyone, if fights and bitter words are the only arrows they aim!

Alas! With much faith, I strongly believe that eventually the Good will prevail over Evil!

But I hasten to add that, I don't regard myself as a saint or as any better than anyone.
But to the very least, I don't judge any unknown individual without knowing their
stories, or like any other pretentious people who pretended to be nice towards everyone,
and dissing people at every chance with their outmost strength!

And so, if you are under this ''pretentious'' group of people, please do not come up to me
fart with a fake smile, and act as if you weren't the culprit, because with my years of
experience, I can even smell your fakeness from miles away!

Of course, you can read this entry and STILL judge me, because that's your choice! :)

Anyway with a less loathful note, having to start this blog also due mainly because I had
so much to translate my unhappiness through writing in the past.

Though with much sadness through my past blogging years, I gotta admit that in many ways
these few years of endless writing has been the best of my life, and my love and passion
for blogging developed and continued over the years with writing happy thoughts, reviews
and several advertorials with much happiness over sorrows.

And on this deeper level, I believe it will only be getting better, and better! :)

Well, blog writing also surfaced a timely reminder of the many patterns and sides
of me in the former and later years of my life. With the claim of a ''Drama diva'' that
people used to label me for my personal style, and some entries of my past heartache,
vulnerability and unhappiness towards my relationship issues. Thus, it’s definitely
a good learning episode for me to reflect when I look back in many years from now.

Added to this, I placed a high degree of importance towards friends & relationships issues.
But when I aged and began to look at the people around me with older and wiser eyes,
I began to understand that the double injury those people had done to me.

For instance, take for romance. Many a time, betrayal hurts so much that for a moment
it may seem that the only way to ease the pain is to destroy the person who caused us
all the pain and did all the cheating, along with wrecking their reputation and praying that
their next girlfriend would dump them or whatsoever!

Because in all honesty, cheating is the worst crime that a man could commit, along with
men who physically abuse their girlfriends!

And as if you were my faithful readers, you probably had read about the entry where my
ex-boyfriend cheated on me with some other women back in 2010, and another ex of mine
who physically abuse me, just the year after the cheating trauma.

Though having blissful moments with my current boyfriend now, it wasn’t easy for me
to admit that I had created a terrible mess of my life in the past, but I am just too reluctant
to recall those incidents now, even if I was so mad back then.

And as much as I wish, there’s a push button that can erased all the bad memories in one go,
but once again, reality is rarely that simple! :(

I’m not sure who coined the phrase ‘’ It takes years to build a reputation and moments to destroy it’’.
But this phrase instantly wake me up, because I’ve truly ruin my reputation through that incident,
and sadly it wasn’t easy to forget either, because the immensity of what I had done seemed so big
that till now, there are people who still vividly recalled the entry which I’ve blogged 2 years back.

Undoubtedly, I also learned that life always give us the lessons we need to learn until
we learn from it. Because by ignoring the lesson, and dismiss its importance,
the need to learn from it won’t go away. It will just come to us at a later stage of our lives,
at an unexpected outcome, until we no longer ignore it – An example is my inability of choosing
someone (ex) who physically abuse me.

These were such a devastating experiences that it took me years to recover,
though it should’ve only taken me for days?

But thankfully I’m no longer an advocate for holding grudges, though to me violence only suits
those who have nothing to lose, especially for someone (ex) who owns a bankruptcy status!

Anyway, life’s just too short to be with a bloke who treats woman like a door-mat!
And with this in mind, my new mantra is that happiness is the best revenge,
and I shall let bygones be bygones, because I certainly deserve to stay rich in happiness! :)

Alright on a lighter note, I'd also like to confess that I used to be self-medicated
with alcohol in the past.

Because of my own volition and what I learned earlier about myself in the process was that,
drinking somehow did kept me from feeling what I needed to feel over sadness.

But gradually, I begin to realize that using alcohol as a crutch to free my worries and
unhappiness is obviously not a very wise way to handle things in life. As I felt that addictions
are truly a hazard to living fully and happily in my life, because it paralyzed and prevent me
from what I really think and feel.

Thus, I began to stop drinking toxic liquor and lead a normal life as it is now, and perhaps
the older I got, the more I began to realize alcohol was less of a protective positive in my life,
but more of a destructive negative. And for obvious reason, this is why you hardly see me
posting any hard core party pics in my blog and Facebook for now.

But well, although I no longer drank or drunk, I still maintained a little affection for those
drinking days gone by. Because with much amazement, I get to know many good friends
through these drinking years! :)

Well, I wouldn't say I have one handful of super close ones I met in clubs, because I feel that
a few trusthworthy ones are good enough. And throughout this five years, they're the ones
who's always readily be there for me in times of good and bad.

And I really appreicate them much! :)

Alright, I shall not bore you to tears, so I’ll just cut this entry short!

Happy 5th year anniversary to xtinlim dot com or the previously known virginluvtoxic.
And thank you, my readers for the love and support, and your undying enthusiasm
towards this blog! :)

20 September 2012


19 September 2012

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16 September 2012

xtin lim dot com
Filling the air with more love and optimistic thoughts about ourselves simple takes practice,
and this is why I love the idea of doing a private investigation about myself, and a little
private investigation can lead to a whole lot of self-realization! :)

X-tin LimX-tin Lim

PS : Well, this is how Sunday into Monday melts!

09 September 2012

xtin lim
How great it is when romance is the only thoughts on my mind now, and it
seems that everywhere I go, I’m bumping into other cute couples in love as well! Lol

Well, that’s the definite feelings I’m having in everyday, probably kind of the
law of attraction, I suppose?

Alright, though pre-occupied with much work these days, but here I am, right now,
spending much effort for all my readers here, to pen down my recent updates and

awesome vacation in BKK. :)

So here you go :

X-tin Lim

The most important make up I wore during this trip was none other than LOVE.
Because in all honesty, love is what binds the both of us together in perfect harmony! 

Well having said that, I had 4 blissful days of summer vacation with my beloved
boyfriend in BKK, in celebration of his birthday and our 1st year anniversary! :)

Apparently this trip mark a special occassion for the both of us, thus we decided
to have this special day celebrated at one of the finest luxury hotel in Bangkok.

The Dome at Lebua

X-tin Lim

It was a lovely and unforgettable night, and we both had the best time 
at Lebua's Breeze dining place


And needless to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, my dearest BB!

1 year flew by, and over the course of this period, I'm blessed to have you by my side, 
be it my boyfriend or a personal mentor.

For you have help me to grow, taught me the toughest assignment - be patience, 
and guided me to become a better person for making much better choices.

And in many ways, I am really thankful towards everything you've done for me :)

Though, no one is deemed perfect in this crazy ass world. 
As we are all wonderfully imperfect beings, where we often tend to make mistakes
and say several nasty things that we don't mean out of hurt and frustration.
But encouraging words in your calm voice somehow did melted my heart in this long race.

With this in mind, I am really grateful to have you in my life, loving me with your tender heart
and humble mind, and I love you much, feeling so blessed being your girlfriend too! :)

So I guessed, love does make a big difference yea?


Love of my life 


Alright, so what's next?

Wondering have you guys watch The Hangover Part II, and if the answer is a likely yes,
I'm sure most of you remember the production crew did some filming at the Lebua Sky Bar!

And here we are, enjoying the finest beverages and cocktails in an open air Sky Bar,
on the 63rd floor of The Dome at Lebua State Tower :)

xtin lim

Though it was packed with much tourists after the released of the movie The Hangover II
This bar is still pretty much awesome, and in my opinion perhaps the coolest bar in Asia!


The finest moment of love with cocktails 


Cam-whore much!

xtin lim

Sleepy BB

X-tin Lim's boyfriend

A glimpse of Bangkok


We celebrated this special day with much happiness and somehow, I also thank God
for letting everything falls in place, just the way it needs to for my greater good :)


I also quartered my ''buys'' in a smallest section for review! hehe :p


Well, the 4 days of good romance, fine dining and endless shopping passed steadily fast!
And here I am, heading back to Singapore! :(

xtin lim

I actually felt a tinge of sadness when I looked out of the window,
watching Bangkok airport fade from view :(
X-tin Lim

xtinlim.com love

04 September 2012

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01 September 2012