26 August 2012

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happy heart makes a yuppie face, while a broken heart crushes the holy spirit! :))

13 August 2012

Often times, when someone told me that life is not just about the amount of
that one should make, the job that one should does, or even the image

that one should portrayed. And my instant thought was, I really want to believe it,
however the reality is rarely this simple.

X-tin Lim

Because too often, majority of us get so absorbed in the world of ''Perfection''
that we gradually lose perspective of the real ''Perfection'' defines.

And we become heavily consumed by how one's portrayed from the way
they speak, dress and style, or one's occupation that defines the amount of money
that he or she earns, or whichever is plaguing us.

With much sense, I felt that it was all wrong and obvious that many of us 
losing sight of the world beyond us. Because in all honesty, there isn't a ''Perfect''
measurement in life to conclude how the above mentioned quantities defines the 
true ''Perfection'' that one should obtained.

Perfection is all about being imperfection, I meant, at least in my own opinion.
It's about being the best that one can be, not the best that one could be.

And for instance, a woman can never be a plastic barbie who has no flaws and
emotion to begin with, let alone the extraordinary smallest waist & bigger boobs to end with!
So I wished some people can give me more room to strive for my term of ''Perfection'' in
my own way, rather than nit-picking my flaws & mistakes & anything that relates to my weight!

X-tin Lim

With this in mind, life is all about balancing isn't it?
And with much logical sense, if everything is so perfect, how would one grow?
How would anyone appreciate the good, if he or she didn't experience the bad?
Also, if one is trying so hard to keep control of everything to make it perfect,
isn't it a definite sign that he or she wants to get away from reality too?

Well, of course there's nothing wrong with setting high standards for oneself 

when deal with the term ''Perfection''. But I'd like to conclude that, when one makes
a certain criteria for his or her ONLY priority, it always NEVER work!
Distressing thought this is, but if I could leave anyone with only one piece of advice
from this short entry, it would be : 
Thoughts dominate and create reality, and this is why keeping and having a
healthy balance thoughts is very important to every human being.
As it enabled us to stay away for the search for perfection which makes our
lives unhappy or unmanageable in the near future.

Lastly, on a lighter note, I wished my love ones could truly understand how I felt.

10 August 2012

Guy Bourdin

09 August 2012

Happy Birthday Singapore

07 August 2012


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04 August 2012

The other day, bought a ''Makan'' voucher from Dealcity!
And here I am, trying out the authentic Habitat Smoke Duck cuisine
at the Habitat Wine Bistro & Bar! :) 

X-tin Lim

I ordered two different condiment of smoke duck.
Both are indeed nice, tender & chewy. :)



To start with, the ambiance was perfect and service was excellent & impeccable
and most importantly the staff was very attentive & helpful.

Well, it's highly recommended and I will definitely be making a return visit! :)


Alright, I shall see you guys there! :))

Habitat Wine Bistro & Bar is located @