27 July 2012


For the past few weeks, SGbidding has been generously giving
away fabulous bidding items to all it's bidders.

Apparently, much as I'd love to acknowledge that, SGbidding is the fastest

growing online auction site I've seen so far! With this in mind, SGbidding
has got itself more than 10,000 ''Likes'' in their official Facebook page,
eversince it's official launch in January 2012.

Alright, let's have a quick glance of SGbidding past winners :


Well, Don't be disheartened if you have missed the Apple MacBook Pro FREE Auction
last week, because now for the good news, the 1st-20th bidders who sign up for their
weekly newsletter will receive 25 free chips each! :D

And for obvious reason, it means that with the amount of FREE chips you've got,
you are JUST a step closer to win over the coming Macbook Pro auction for FREE!
Also, you can send in the photos of your bidding items to earn another 50 Free chips!

So, lets SHARE this piece of great news with all your friends now! :)

Website - http://www.sgbidding.com/
Facebook page click here !
Twitter - www.twitter.com/sgbidding

22 July 2012

I had a sudden realization today.

I think an important aspect of happiness is to manage one's mood, 
and the best ways to lift my mood is to clear away the detritus in my mind.

So Good-bye Virginluvtoxic, Hello X-tin! :)

X-tin Lim

16 July 2012

Triumph Sensation Touch Cool

Bras-shopping has always been fascinating.
And this season, Triumph Sensation Touch Cool Collection 2012
adds an exceedingly COOL experience for bras lover with its newest feature
of reducing a woman’s body temperature by up to 1.27 degree Celsius!

WOAH, does this sound simply irresistible for bras lovers like you?
Having said that, living in a sweltering country like Singapore, we women
often get breast sweat through our bras that cause unsightly sweat marks
on our clothing, and sometimes it causes rashes or even skin infections too
when detected with sweat.

And now for the good news, sweating through your bra will never be a disaster

for you anymore, as Triumph Sensation Touch Cool Collection 2012
made from futuristic fabric, is the best solution to reduce sweat, as it imparts
dual body cooling and drying benefits to combat heat, sweat and unwanted moisture,
eliminate sweat from occurring when reducing a woman’s body temperature by
up to 1.27 degree Celsius, keeping you to feel cool and fresher from all day and night.

Much as I love to acknowledge it, Triumph Sensation Touch Cool Collection
also takes the centre stage on a wide arrayed of sexy looks with its unique designed
of super smooth cups and pretty lace finishes, as it’s depicting the versatility of its existing
favourites from their best-selling products, like the Maximizer, Shape Sensation
and the Cool Sports range.

And in many ways, Triumph Sensation Touch Cool Collection goes effortlessly
stylish, comfortable and cooler at the same time, and most importantly,
it goes well with any outfit! :D
With bra like this, it’s simply irresistible! :D
Alright, let’s check out
Triumph newest collection,

Sensation Touch Cool 2012:
9a 8a 11a 10a

Unique fabric fibres content makes Triumph Sensation Touch Cool
Collection a much more popular option, as it suits a woman desire by providing
an instant cooling and soothing sensation against the skin surface, with the all-day
comfort experience even in an ‘’oven’’ country like Singapore.

And with much concern, style has also been taken into account, as the combination
of creative design together with its sleek effect, it satisfied every women’s desire
and enhanced one’s cleavage to the maximum!

Thus, Triumph Sensation Touch Cool Collection is everything that
a woman could want in a bra for everyday comfort and support! J

Triumph Touch Cool Collection Video

The cool and dry comfort is the reason why I stay comfortable and cool all
day and night. And I mean cool, too cool to touch and it’s the easiest and
most convenient way to stay cool even under the sun! J


Me wearing Triumph Sensation Touch Cool Collection  :)

1AAA aaaa 1AAA

This season, be the trend setter by sweeten your wardrobe with Triumph
newest Touch Cool Collection 2012, and spread this season of love to
all your friends now! J

To view and have a better understanding of the latest Triumph Sensation
Touch Cool Collection 2012, you may also scan the below QR code
with your phone! :)

QR Code

More updates on Triumph’s Facebook page @
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/TriumphSG

PS: Happy Bra Shopping Ladies! J

10 July 2012

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08 July 2012

HAPPYY xtin miss you ...............................................

01 July 2012

One week back, I heartened to witness my sister's wedding on a blissful Sunday
evening with the company of our family, relatives and some good friends.


Well, there's a few things I'd like my brother-in-law to know about my sister, Mushroom.
For she is incredibly understanding and supportive, a definite wife material,

and just as beautiful on the inside as she's on the outside.

And for obvious reason, she is someone who loves, cares, respect and adores her family
and all the people around her, and I'm sure she will make an awesome wife moving forward! :)

Alright long story short, I shall let the below pictures to do all the talking.

Xtin Lim Xtin Lim Xtin Lim Xtin Lim

Theme : Flowery Pinky Sweet

xtin lim

Peria Pastry from Ristorante Da Valentino

xtin lim

Nicely deco by the CV staff

xtin lim

Now on a lighter note, it's camwhore time! :D

Xtin Lim xtinlim 02 xtin lim 04

....My niece Charlotte

Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte

I love myself & X-tin more


My bff, Kerin Tea

xtin baby

The Lim family :)

Xtin Lim

On that particular night, I realized marriage may be a rampant breeding ground for happiness,
as it occurs
along predictable lines. But well, before I dive deeper into this level of understanding,
love holds me captive again, and this time tremble with much bittersweet longing.