29 April 2012


I always believe that human beings are at their happiest when it comes to celebrating their birthday,
and I presume that everyone loves their birthday no matter how old they’re turning?

Well, it’s my 28th birthday and I’d say this year celebration is pretty much different as compared
to the past years. With no parties and alcohol, but fine dining and some get-together gathering with my closest friends.

And in any case, I feel much elated and fortunate to have known them, and I’ve always treasure and
had enormous respect for friends whom spare their precious time to celebrate this big day with me,
and with such sentiments I’m truly blessed and glad to have friends like them. Those of whom
I can trust utterly, cares and loves me in spite of everything.

So, here it go (Pictures of my simple celebrations)

x-tin Lim

x-tin Lim

x-tin Lim

x-tin Lim


Shao mei and kerin



You know how sometimes you meet friends and there is no need for any
polite conversation, whereby they are the kind of friends who have a closer
united spirit with you, from that first moment in a kind of deep understanding
between one another.

And would talk about everything for many late hours into the night,
and would tell each other a clear vision of what reality was like.

x-tin Lim

x-tin Lim


23 April 2012

As I engrossed in typing my thoughts here before my readers read the entire entry,
I'd like to confessed that I have a vehement hatred for men who are unfaithful
towards their wives or girlfriends, and indulged themselves with prostitution.

So read, only if you’re bored!

I believe that, everyone had read about the recent underage sex scandal's news
which caused a sensation to all Singaporean, as it involved more than 80 over men
which indulged in an illegal prostitution! 

Well, I wonder does anyone share the same sentiment that, this piece of news
seems to be much more entertaining than the Edison’s sex scandal?

If you don’t, perhaps you should go google gutteruncensored ‘s blog,
and read about the entry where the author sexpose all the freelance prostitutes's
photos online, and not forgetting the particular ‘’minor’’ in the entire scandal.

Alright, joke aside.

On a distressing note, I feel that more and more Singaporean girls are turning
into prostitution for material comfort and money! And I seriously have doubts on
who's checking on them? Well, I doubt their parents do, since they've already doing it
for the sake of material gain (buying designer’s bag, LV, Gucci, Chanel).

And if one really do ponder, is it worth prostituting oneself by lowering such dignity
to gain unnecessary fame and fortune?

Because after all, shaming the person has a greater effect!

Also, careers, family and reputation seem to be affecting those men who got involved
in this case. The consequences are harsh though, lost of jobs and reputation,
family disputes, and worst of all majorities are facing potential jail terms, fined or both.

Well, if only those retards were to think for a second before the act, is it worth the
small amount of thrill and gratification for just one or two hours of satisfaction in
exchanged of punishments and mental torture, and later regretted on their irrevocably
decision for the rest of their life?

And ironically, to their immense gratification, the answer is a no.

In fact, I feel that those men really deserved it, because they obviously did something
unforgiveable, so why ‘’ cry father and cry mother’’, whine or complain for respectability,

when they have none in the first place?

And if you were one of those people who thought that :

‘’ At least this principal Mr Lee got the guts to face the camera and admit his mistake,
unlike the rest of the cowards who cover their face and refused to admit their mistakes.
And that we should just spare a thought, and give the principal a chance to turn over a new leaf’’

Oh, spare me please!!!

The fact of the matter is that, if a scrupulous principal were to even result of having to call
for a prostitute, then I’d say his years of moral in terms of teaching in the education field
to serve as a paragon, is a downright insult to the MOE and thus, nothing gonna salvage
his battered reputation!

I mean, who won’t get paranoid and felt disgusted as the term ‘’Principal’’ is known to
have preached morality and ethics to students?

And with this point in mind, though it’s wrong to have a stereotyped view of principal
and teachers in general, but in the eyes of the public, majority of us had already
lost faith in them!

Biologically speaking, he does not even fit the stereotype of a principal who preached
morality and ethics to students, because having sex with a prostitute of any age is already
morally wrong, let alone having sex with an underage prostitute is legally wrong!

So, if we were to talk about professional standards, moral and paragon,
this particular principal has NONE!

Also, needless to say throughout this saga, the female prostitute was equally to blame
as anyone else involved, even though she’s still considered as a ‘’juvenile’’ delinquent
under the Singapore laws.

But well, how fair can the judgement be, if ONLY the defendants are found guilty when they
don’t even have a single clue of the girls' age? 

Generally, those unrepentant prostitutes that involved in an opened ‘’Abalone’’ affair
to those dirty old men in exchange for money to fund over their lavish lifestyle must have
misled those retarded men to ''screw'' them for the sake of easy money! 

And for goodness sake, even our respectable and well-known criminal lawyer Anandan
has condemned the so called ‘’minor’’ as a hardcore prostitute, who deserves no protection by the law!

Therefore, with no reason they're going scot-free without facing any serious charges!

Well, in my opinion it was even an egregious error to ONLY address the minor as a ‘’hardcore prostitute’’,
because in all honesty she should just be fairly address as a ‘’nymphomaniac’’ too!

I mean, how could a women of her age been ''SCREWED'' by 80 over men?

I was absolutely flabbergasted when the news broke out, and what’s staggers the imagination
is that, it seems like she enjoyed marathon sex too?

Essentially, this particular unrepentant underage prostitute should really put to shame
in the public for her dirty deeds, or face potential jail terms, because with this awareness,
more prostitutes will definitely learned, with much disgraced to their family members and friends,
they will think twice before resulting in any prostitution in the near future.

Also I sincerely hoped that, after this saga Singaporean men should also think twice
before they embark on any shameless affair with those downgraded prostitutes.

Ideally, I guessed this shall be a learning and painful episode for all those dirty and
perverted civil servant, the rich and famous public figures, and not forgetting the
unrepentant prostitutes of any age!


15 April 2012

X-tin Lim

PS: Which is more painful - Toothache or Heartache?......

13 April 2012



06 April 2012

X-tin is VirginLuvToxic


04 April 2012


Like a fine wine, friendship has only gotten better,
and much more awesomeness with age:D


PS: Love the month of April to bits! :)