15 March 2012


Sloggi is everything it says :

'' So Young, So Comfy, So Sloggi ....''

Well, the pupular Sloggi is great for every girl who needs a little ....
cuteness and stylish wear!

Agree much?

And I presume many of you have tried Sloggi bra in your teenage days.
A bra where every girls will reach for, simply because it’s so trendy and
comfortable to wear! :D

This season, update your wardrobe with the latest collection of
‘’Sloggi Campus Series’’, with a full surprise of Sporty and
playful bra for everyday comfort and support! :)

Well, I am loving the latest collection of Sloggi range
‘’Sloggi Campus Series’’ because it’s exceedingly
cute and trendy!

And with much comfy, offers a soft feel, and it’s designated pad
allows one’s to have a better push-up feeling.

 ‘’Sloggi Campus Series’’

Sometimes, I really wondered how many sports bras does one buy over the years
that were only wore once, or maybe twice, or perhaps get them lost in the big wardrobe
before wearing them?

I mean, finding a right sports bra is like finding a good boyfriend who treat us well,
or perhaps a pair of good jeans that doesn’t makes us look fat! :(

And to-date, if only I can recall the numbers of sports bra that I’ve bought
over the years, which hardly been used once or twice, or maybe gone missing
in my drawer for some good cause?

Perhaps, I really need a right sports bra to make me feel comfortable and
stay motivated, whenever I head down to the gym?

Having said that, I’m quite certain to conclude saying sloggi sports bra is my
ONLY motivator that’s motivate me to wear it out as an outfit to gym!

Well, I went to the gym on a daily basis, and to me having a good sports bra is essential
to keep me motivated for a long hours of work out.

And Sloggi’s sports bra offers great sweat-wicking fabric to keep me feel comfortable
and dry during the long hours of exercise, keeping my boobs supported and breathe more
than a regular bra even during the most energetic workout!

I’d say, Sloggi got the best sports bra ever!
And I certainly love it to bits! :D

After my work out at home …. (:

Good News!!!

Sloggi is having a Miss Sporty Popularity Contest that held in Facebook! :)

To participate in this contest, all you need to do is :

1. Email Club Sloggi your to-date most SPORTY photo at
     Clubsloggi.sg@Triumph.com , entitled ‘’Ms Sporty Popularity Contest’’

2. Write a convincing description on why you should win the title of Miss SPORTY!

Club Sloggi will then pick & choose 8 finalists! And all you need to do is to get all
your friends to vote for you till 15 April!

The SPORTY babe with the most Facebook “likes” will be walking away with
$300 worth of sloggi products and $150 in cash!

And for the remaining 7 finalists, shouldn’t be feeling dishearten, because
they will be walking away $100 worth of sloggi products too!


It seems like those who got into the top 8 finalists are already a winner! :)

So what are you waiting for?

Hurry take a SPORTY pics of yourself and email to ClubSloggi ===>

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/sloggiSG