25 March 2012


For the past few months, SGbidding has been generously giving away
attractive bidding items to all it's bidders.

And now, more proof (See below) as if you weren't convinced :)

Winners of 2011 & 2012

Winner of 2012 Facebook ''Like'' challenge

What’s new for the month of March @ SGbidding.com ?!?
Here it go ..............

Trade-in your won items for Chips

For bidders who do not like their won items, SGbidding.com had come up with a
''Trade-in'' policy, where bidders can trade-in their won auction items
for chips amounting to 120%!

8888 Facebook ''Like'' Challenge

To thank all it's bidders, SGbidding.com had decided to launch a
''8888 LIKE challenge Campaign'', where FREE auction (MacBook Pro)
will be activate for bidders to bid for free, when it's FB page reaches 8888 ''Like'' !
So, SHARE this piece of news with all your friends and let it happen! :)

SGbidding Blog Contest ($300 CASH+888 CHIPS)

To ensure newbies have a better understanding on how to
bid and win, SGbidding.com had also launch their very first
''SGbidding Blog & Video ‘’LIKE’’ challenge Contest'',
and all you need to do is :

Set up a blog or Video tutorial for SGbidding

* Do a blog write-up with screen-shot, or video tutorial on how to register in SGbidding.

* Pen down your bidding strategies or experiences (if any) on how to outbid others
...during the bidding games.

* How to place bids or set up a bid butler etc
As simple as that, and SGbidding shall publish all the send in blog entries and
video tutorial to their official Facebook Fans page to invite ''Likes'',
and the winner with the most ''likes'' shall walk away with SGbidding
888 Lucky Chip Package worth $588.88 plus $300 cash!

Alas, don’t be dishearten if you lose the campaign, because you may get a chance to
win 350 Platinum FREE Chips plus $100 CASH, if Sgbidding management decides
to use your blog or videos for future advertising purposes.

Therefore, hurry and send in your awesome piece of work  and videos to
Admin@sgbidding, and don't forget the closing date is 30th May 2012!

Website - http://www.sgbidding.com/
Facebook page click here !
Twitter - www.twitter.com/sgbidding

Happy blogging! :D

24 March 2012


22 March 2012

xtin is love
In some sense, I realize sunsets can be even more beautiful than dawn,
and now I love sunsets.

Admittedly, for the past few weeks my life has been in a terrifying slow motion.

Depression was weighing me down, and I learned to accept the cruel fact that
my relationship with a certain someone has due to undergo a significant change.

That is - To abandon the 180 days of bittersweet relationship with a certain someone, for
whom I can never be compatible with, despite all my efforts to make things work!

Perhaps, those I once thought of as negative emotions, are merely calls to an action now ....

Well, I should have say ''Thanks'' to this particular someone.

Because in all honesty, I wouldn't know that I can be such a multi-talented person, 
for I can pissed people off without much writing needed

But well, since this particular someone makes me cry more than I smile,
I gussed it's not worth the efforts anymore, let alone knowing that all those

crap excuses are lies disguised in the formed of truth!

With this in mind, I hasten to add that I don’t regard myself as a saint or anyone better,
but to the very least I don't judge my friends or partner sorely by their
appearances or status!

Because I believe, one can never be worthy of anyone's respect, if he did not respect others.
And one has to learn by respecting people, for who they really are rather than nit-picking

the way others looked or dressed, as each human being in whatever circumstances
deserved respect!

Alright, after tonight my sleep shall not weighed down by the fear of losing you anymore.
Because I'm so glad to walk without the burden of your nonsensical theory! :)


15 March 2012


Sloggi is everything it says :

'' So Young, So Comfy, So Sloggi ....''

Well, the pupular Sloggi is great for every girl who needs a little ....
cuteness and stylish wear!

Agree much?

And I presume many of you have tried Sloggi bra in your teenage days.
A bra where every girls will reach for, simply because it’s so trendy and
comfortable to wear! :D

This season, update your wardrobe with the latest collection of
‘’Sloggi Campus Series’’, with a full surprise of Sporty and
playful bra for everyday comfort and support! :)

Well, I am loving the latest collection of Sloggi range
‘’Sloggi Campus Series’’ because it’s exceedingly
cute and trendy!

And with much comfy, offers a soft feel, and it’s designated pad
allows one’s to have a better push-up feeling.

 ‘’Sloggi Campus Series’’

Sometimes, I really wondered how many sports bras does one buy over the years
that were only wore once, or maybe twice, or perhaps get them lost in the big wardrobe
before wearing them?

I mean, finding a right sports bra is like finding a good boyfriend who treat us well,
or perhaps a pair of good jeans that doesn’t makes us look fat! :(

And to-date, if only I can recall the numbers of sports bra that I’ve bought
over the years, which hardly been used once or twice, or maybe gone missing
in my drawer for some good cause?

Perhaps, I really need a right sports bra to make me feel comfortable and
stay motivated, whenever I head down to the gym?

Having said that, I’m quite certain to conclude saying sloggi sports bra is my
ONLY motivator that’s motivate me to wear it out as an outfit to gym!

Well, I went to the gym on a daily basis, and to me having a good sports bra is essential
to keep me motivated for a long hours of work out.

And Sloggi’s sports bra offers great sweat-wicking fabric to keep me feel comfortable
and dry during the long hours of exercise, keeping my boobs supported and breathe more
than a regular bra even during the most energetic workout!

I’d say, Sloggi got the best sports bra ever!
And I certainly love it to bits! :D

After my work out at home …. (:

Good News!!!

Sloggi is having a Miss Sporty Popularity Contest that held in Facebook! :)

To participate in this contest, all you need to do is :

1. Email Club Sloggi your to-date most SPORTY photo at
     Clubsloggi.sg@Triumph.com , entitled ‘’Ms Sporty Popularity Contest’’

2. Write a convincing description on why you should win the title of Miss SPORTY!

Club Sloggi will then pick & choose 8 finalists! And all you need to do is to get all
your friends to vote for you till 15 April!

The SPORTY babe with the most Facebook “likes” will be walking away with
$300 worth of sloggi products and $150 in cash!

And for the remaining 7 finalists, shouldn’t be feeling dishearten, because
they will be walking away $100 worth of sloggi products too!


It seems like those who got into the top 8 finalists are already a winner! :)

So what are you waiting for?

Hurry take a SPORTY pics of yourself and email to ClubSloggi ===>

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/sloggiSG


09 March 2012


Growing up, bras were just a necessity for every woman.

Essentially, choosing the right bras can make a tremendous
difference in most women’s life.

For instance, a well fitted bra can boost up one’s confidence’s level,
and also the silhouette of a nice body frame.

Well, I always love to share my bra shopping experience with
my female readers, because in all honesty it’s never an easy task
to pick and choose the best bra for every body type, and different bras
say different things about a woman, and without a doubt, it’s especially
important for a woman to wear a bra that makes her feel feminine
and comfortable every day.

However, choosing a right bra type and brand can be a tedious task,
as it really depends on if you are shopping with the right knowledge.

And now, I’m here to reveal my all-time favourite picks for bras,
and that’s none other than Triumph!

For more than 125 years, Triumph with true German heritage has
been favouring all women in the world, educate us to be proud of our natural curves.
And evidently, it’s the only European brand that produces intimate apparel
specifically designed and tailored to suit Asian women like us!

I’d say, Triumph bra really makes a woman SHINE!

I mean, whenever I wore a Triumph bra, I always feel like as if I’ve lost a few inches
while enhancing my bust line, giving me a silhouette frame that every woman
wished to achieve.

Personally, I feel that women who are well endowed like me need to invest in a
good breast coverage, comfortable and supportive bra for many reasons.
And Triumph provides every woman with this perfect fit,
which evidently geared to fit women of all shapes and sizes.

With bra like this, it’s simply awesome! :D

And now, let’s check out Triumph newest spring collection

Well, with its unique Memory Cushions, where it fits perfectly to
individual body contours and breast shapes that makes one feels ultra-
comfortable, it’s sensual maximizer that lifts, enhances and reshapes
a woman cleavage, and it’s velvet cushion straps to release pressure at the
shoulder, Sexy Cushion Maximizer is everything that a woman could want
in a bra, simply because it’s just too supreme and irresistible! :D

Triumph Sexy Cushion Maximizer video

And as I’ve mentioned earlier, Triumph’s bra makes a woman SHINE!
So I shall let the below pics do all the talking ….
X-tin Lim
X-tin Lim
X-tin Lim

Well I must confess, my wardrobe is always full of Triumph’s bras, and concurrently
I’m so in love with Triumph newest spring collection – SEXY CUSHION!

Because with it’s sensual maximizer that enhances my cleavage to it’s BEST,
it makes me feel and look so much prettier, bustier and bewitchingly Sexier! :D
X-tin Lim

NEXT, indulge in the enchanting lingerie line of Triumph
V Lacey Slipdress.

The best thing about this V Lacey Slipdress is that, every woman with a
special fondness for lingerie will definitely be attracted to this sinfully sweet
Triumph Lacey Slipdress.

And with a combination of it’s low V front and black lacey brief for a matching
low waist jeans or skirt, Triumph V Lacey Slipdress is just too sexy
even for this blog! :D

Alright …
Let’s check it out now!
X-tin Lim
X-tin Lim
X-tin Lim
X-tin Lim

The newest Triumph V Lacey Slipdress is breathtakingly sweet and sexy
isn’t it? :)

And now, it comes with three colours, Deep Coral, Water Blue and Black Combination,
which only cost $89.90!

Hence, vain-pot like me can now have more than enough reasons to purchase
all the latest Spring Collection in Triumph with much happiness! :D

What’s happening now!

To promote it’s latest Sexy Cushion Spring Collection, Triumph will be giving all
bra lovers a chance to win a set of the latest Sexy Cushion bra and briefs set.

And all you need to know is to :

1. Look out for the QR code which can be easily seen on all Triumph in-store
...collaterals and bus stop shelters Island wide.

2. Watch the video.

3. Answer it’s question and describe what you love about the latest collection in
...Triumph’s Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/TriumphSG

4. 3 lucky winners will be selected.

Hint : QR code looks like this!

As simple as that, and everyone could stand a chance to win a set of
the latest Sexy Cushion bra & briefs set!

So hurry, check out the Sexy Cushion Collection launched island wide
today at all Triumph boutiques and counters!

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/TriumphSG

Happy bra shopping! :D

04 March 2012

PS: I must confess, I love myself to bits! :))