19 February 2012

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Craving for PIZZA?

Domino's Pizza is now introducing their NEWEST Double Loaded Chicken Pizza Meal
with ONLY $39.80, which saves up to $18.40 for all the Pizza lovers out there!

And as mentioned in my previous blog entry, Domino's Pizza is the
1st Pizza company in Singapore to brings out the unique ''GPS Tracker''
systems, which allows it's customers to check on their delivery status.

Also, Domino's Pizza provide their best services to its customers by
promising FREE delivery of Pizza to their door step within 30 minutes
of delivery guarantee, and with Nett pricing on all Domino's menu items.

Well, just in case you didn't know, Domino's highest quality gourmet pizza 
PLUS the rest of the menu items in Singapore, are ALL halal certified.

Essentially, it means that all muslims pizza lovers out there can have
their bit of share in this yummylicious Domino's pizza expericene too! :D

And now, more proof showing that Domino's Pizza,
as if you weren't already convinced .....

Domino's A top grade yummylicious Pizza

The Big BBQ Pizza

Meatzza Pizza

Crazy Chicken Crunchies

Twisty Bread and Garlic Cheese Onion Rings

Golden Roasted Drummet

Chocolate Lava Cake

Exceedingly nice !

With the rest of the bloggers ...

Well, if you are a Pizza Lover, I'm sure you'll love Domino's Pizza
as much as I do! :)

So hurry, come visit Domino's outlet HERE!
Or Call 6222-6333 NOW !

Lastly, it was a great tasting session with the rest of the bloggers @ Domino's :)

Thanks Omy.sg ! ! ! :D

18 February 2012

xtinlim dot com
When I was in love, I often convince myself that the particular man is ''The One''.
But well, when time passed I realized that this isn't the case, or in hindsight I might try
to convince myself again that he is.

However, I guess the definition of being ''The One'' is pretty much over-rated yea?

I met my boyfriend at a party. Or, I should say, he saw me and thought I'm cute and leapt on me?
Well, not long after we found ourselves hanging out together for our first date at the concert,
and then out in clubs, away from everyone else, kissing and dancing and feeling so much in love
with each other.

Admittedly, it's like chemistry calls as I can feel the butterflies in my tummy and that
drug like kinds of euphoria of being in cloud nine when I met him.

I meant, he's so wonderful to be with and I wholeheartedly fall for him. He's charismatic, kind
and fun to be with, a lovely man who probably ticked nearly all the boxes and the list goes on ...
Xtin Lim Xtin Lim

Time slide by, and I really fancied him but at the same time I felt helplessly upset too,
to only realized he's such a perfectionist. :(

Yes, he's a perfectionist, and he's particularly concern about my dressing style because
he wants everything to be perfect, as he reckoned his girlfriend, X-tin (me) is a stylish dresser,
who dresser well at all times even when he's not around.

Apparently I am not. As I am being idiosyncratic, my personal style varies from day to day
without being accountable to anyone!
Xtin Lim Xtin Lim

But for many reason, it seemed likewise to him. And the pressure of fulfilling his ''Perfection''
is a killer. I meant, after all no one is deemed perfect in this world, and his nit picking of me having
to dress classy at all times drive me crazy and annoyed me big time!

Because in all honesty, I think attraction comes in many flavours, as I find woman's brain far more important than her dressing sense, as compared to those fashionable bimbo who can't even hold a conversation. No?

Or perhaps, in all relationships feelings faded with time, and the brightness of smiles grows a little
dimmer along with time as well. Maybe he's not that great after all, but then again, neither am I :(

And if this relationship works, it's really amazing, if it's doesn't, just so be it
Xtin Lim

Anyway, years of dating with the wrong individual has made me pretty cautious of ''commitment''.
Or perhaps it's seemed rather a scary thing to me, as I often can't handle it well with my emotions.

Well, though with much depressing sigh I still wish to have a good bit of romance dating now,
so I guess I shall enjoy every single bit of ''happy'' moments before it turned sour!

Lastly, Happy Valentine's Day !

17 February 2012


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11 February 2012