28 January 2012


26 January 2012

As I grow older, I realized I've have grown more comfortable with my age.
I meant, getting old is no longer something that I fear most.

Having said that, nobody can possibily hide on the shore forever.
When the fact is we are all on the living surface, and by wasting

our time screaming at the unkindness of our fast growing age,
we should just learn to love the ride.

Well, not that I want to get old in every single day, but for many reasons,
I feel more at ease with my growing age than I ever was before.

And like many women, I'd still like to try and do over many exciting
stuff in life, before I turn the happy 30! :)

Alright, I guessed I'm exaggerating a little about all the age issue, and
not to bore you with tears, I shall let the below cny pics to do all the talking.

The second day of lunar new year at Chinese Garden :

PS: I loathe how easily I remember the things I'd rather forget.

22 January 2012


Dear readers,

Here's wishing you and your family a prosperous and
abundant Dragon year, filled with good health, peace &

And most importantly, drink just enough to be merry! :)

With Love,

15 January 2012

PS: It's me, X-tin! And I am seriously being completely vain!


12 January 2012


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08 January 2012