12 December 2011


Christmas is just around the corner, and it's the time
for giving again!

However, shopping for Christmas gift can sometimes
be a tedious task, especially when you want to get a
whole range of slightly cheaper or less than
reasonable price with top range gifts to shower your
love ones in this coming season.

But little did you know the answer to access all your cheap
Christmas shopping goes to? The event by paying less, that
gives you access to buy greater quality of products?

Well, the answer is just right in front of you,
on your computer screen!

This is why, I'm now sharing an awesome
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And most importantly, go to your email account
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Screen shot as below :

Register through FACEBOOK

Register through PERSONAL EMAIL

Well, a little patience and concentration is
all you need, and on a delightful note, I'd suggest
everyone to bid wisely because
all bids cannot be cancelled!

Once you place your bids on a particular item,
the auction’s over, and let's say you are the winner,
SGbidding will be sending you an email with instructions
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Also, SGbidding will encrypt and securely store all of
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And so, why not do your Christmas shopping by bidding
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