31 December 2011

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27 December 2011

merry xmas

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23 December 2011

Bidding in SGbidding.com, I spent $169.90 (On chips)
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Happy much! :D

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20 December 2011


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Wish me luck! :D

12 December 2011


Christmas is just around the corner, and it's the time
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However, shopping for Christmas gift can sometimes
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11 December 2011

PS: Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel.

04 December 2011

Every girls grew up and reach for the same dream
as most woman do - True love, a house where you can
called it a home
, a good husband and a few kids.

Apparently for many reasons, I strongly believed
there's no truer statement than :

If a man truly loves you, he will kiss you
and ask for your hand in marriage ....''

And to-date, I'm heartened to see many of my close
girlfriends being one of the happily married women
on earth, and in no doubts, I emphasis on happiness.

Me & the bride Shirley

The blissful couple, Roy & Shirley

One of my best friend cum sister :)

Me and Jing Jing

On a separate people-related matter, I was pretty
much surprise at the fact that, apparently I filter the
word ''marriage'' through my coloured lenses as the,

Having said that, my thoughts are still avoid being
misguided and misled by the games most men have
created, just to perpetrate the selfishness they tend
to show the world, and to my very own opinion,
this is how majority men category relationship

After all, boys shack and men build homes.

Therefore, I've decided that a man is worthy for me
to settle down, ONLY when he's there for me
no matter what bad circumstance comes along,
ONLY when he's kind and compassionate, patient,
sweet and unconditional towards me.

Otherwise most men can simply go plank
themselves in the middle of the road!

Alright, joke aside.

Besides marriage, I think ''Gratitude'' is one
of the fruits of living from genuine happiness,
as it involved as an appreciative attitude in which
we are thankful for something that is good around us.

I meant, if we're not grateful for what we have,
we will always want a life to be different from what it is.

Having said that, people who tend to be overly
demanding and unrealistic towords certain things,
will surely be granted true unhappiness.

Not to mentioned those who twisting words to
manipulate others, rather than using it to
her own pool of students!

And so, I sincerely pray for a particular ''old friend''
of mine, in the hope that SHE can forget about her
unhappiness, avoid being the vile characters in most
Tv drama, and start
living a life of her own with her
love ones.

Because in all honesty, chasing after happiness
doesn't bring us happiness, as it only perpetuates
the mind and blocks the sense of
real appreciation
and gratitude for life.

If only, the ''old friend'' of mine could cultivate
gratefulness without having to reflected it in written words
in her facebook status/shout-out, but rather making
it into
an ideal one.

In some sense, I knew this particular ''old friend''
of mine is never an evil person or a bad woman,
but that doesn't mean she is good either.

I meant, how civil can one be when one is trying
to ruin someone else's happiness, just because she's
unhappy & bitter of her own!

Looking back, I bet ALL her friends will be obese
if they ate all the lies that SHE fed them!

And evidently enough, only retards are in
sympathy with her views, for I definitely find NO
place in my heart to sympathise for someone like her!

Anyway, I do understand that it's human nature to
be happy of what they have, until they see that
someone else has something BETTER.

If only, you know who I'm refering to! :)

And yes, I still love myself and X-tin MORE

Gratitude aside.

I think the word ''Marriage'' comes from
soul and to the heart.

Well, it's like waking up to this person everyday
of your life would be a joy, no fighting or argument,
and be able to meet each other emotional needs.

And always look at each other with stars in the eyes,
and evidently NOT
for those retards who wants
to get married just for the sake of getting married!

Apparently, the truth is, marriage is really hard.
I meant, how many of you really did witness
''The-happily-ever-after-myth'' kind of marriage in life?

Eventually, everyone should just wised up a little
and be mindful that real marriage requires
alot more effort than just two person deeply in love.

I meant, have you guys realized that no matter
how much you deeply love a person, you'll still
tend to dislike them in some ways?

Well having said that, maybe when I was much
younger, my parents had more than their share of
disagreement, argument, and many disappointment
that ravage a marriage!

However on a note, that doesn't mean good marriage
don't go through huge storms either.

In conclusion, marriage can be really difficult
many a times, unless YOU can accept some level
of imperfection towards your love ones for a
more satisfying commitment, or else anyone
could just slide into a low part of their marriage
for REAL.

Lastly on a good note, I still feel particularly heartening
to acknowledge many of my girlfriends's happiness. :)

PS: If only lying is a full-time job, some WOMAN
......would be a billionaire! :)

03 December 2011

Sponsored Review

The other day, me together with the other bloggers from
omy.sg were cordially invited by Domino's Pizza
for an awesome pizza-tasting-session @ Tampines.

Founded in 1960, Domino's Pizza owned more than
9 thousands pizza stores in U.S. and 65 international markets,
and was named ''2010 Chain of the Year'' by
Pizza Today Magazine.

And today, Domino introducing their very UNIQUE
CHEESE OVERLOAD PIZZA for all the cheese lovers !!!

Domino's new Cheese Overload Meal is now
available only for $39.80 (saving $19.40) which comes
with 1 Regular Pizza with cheese sauce, 1 Regular Pizza
of your choice
, 1 Chocolate Lava Cake, and BreadStix or
1 Twisty Bread Or 1 CinnaStix.

Well, I love cheese, & the new Domino's Cheese Overload,
made with rich & cheddar cheese is by far the most
and satisfying flavours ever! :D

And if you were to compare Domino's Pizza with the rest,
Domino is the 1st pizza company in Singapore to
introduce the ''GPS Tracker'' which allows the
customers to keep track of their food status.

Also, Domino's Pizza provide 30 mins of delivery
guarantee, product satisfaction guarantee,
Free delivery and Nett Pricing.

If you are not tired of having more, neither am I :D

Overall, it was a great tasting session with the

rest of the bloggers @ Domino's Pizza :)

So dear readers, WANNA undress the cheesy taste
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