24 October 2011


18 October 2011

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Like the eyes, our eyebrows play an important part
of our feature as well, as it gives us the inner space to
transform our beauty, with good combination of eye makeup.

And today, eyebrow threading has proven to be
very functional, and has it's ability to enhance
a woman's feature, as it add shape and definition to the brow.

tweezing or plucking, eyebrow threading removes
all the tiny hair at once, making it much faster and simpler
to shape the brows.

And without a doubt, the results of threading is known to

last longer than other methods.

Alright, the other day went to Fabulous Group for an
awesome eyebrow threading session.

Well, the Service was awesome and I'm truly satisfied with
my brows! :D

And, my love and fascination for eyebrow threading contiune
to rise, simply because it really does enhanced my feature,
giving me a much more fresher look.

Simply LOVE my eyebrow much! :))

Other services that Fabulous Group provide :

Indoor Tanning

Teeth Whitening

Hair Removal IPL

Brazilian IPL

Brazilian Wax

Eyelash Extensions

And, with so many services provided at Fabulous Group,
I have more than enough reason to visit all the outlets
more often! :D

SO, get connected with Fabulous with their
promotions & services NOW!

Website : www.fabulousgroup.com.sg

Facebook : www.facebook.com/FabulousGroupSg

08 October 2011

A week back, went for a 5 days short trip to Hong Kong
and undoubtedly, I'm pretty certain that it makes me
happy, when I make someone else happy too! :)

Took many awesome pics, while visiting the
Madame Tussauds Hong Kong &
Hong Kong Disney Land ....
The below pics as evidences :p

Well, though it's not my first visit to Hong Kong, it's one
of the nicest and enjoyable trip ever, and with
less than 3 months to the end of the year, it's time for
holiday planning again!

PS: Always move forward, because life isn't gonna meant to be
lived in reverse.


01 October 2011


PS: What goes around, comes around!
And this time, 10x harderrr !!! :D