28 June 2011


26 June 2011

It's been six months since that "Getting-Over-Someone",
and just to make myself feels slightly better, I tried and
pretended that I do not want this relationship anymore,
just because I can never
be with a certain someone.

My mood fluctuates so much.

And for the past few months, everyday for a few moments
I really do wonder if I will ever stop wishing and wanting
to go back to a certain someone.

I tried.

I did stopped trying, stopped going back again, and
stopped making any sort of dumbless effort, and indeed
I was all alone, all alone to face these cruel facts.

However, it was not long after I begain to realize,
I have nothing to lose anymore.

I have no guilt, since it was that certain someone's decision
to choose a particular individual over me. And yes I do agree,
she's a nice girl, and if I were you, I will choose her over me too.

Amazingly, my smile was only a disguise for my sadness.

Xtin lim

And as many concluded that, it's easier to believe
a beautiful lie, instead of the ugly truth.

However, I still feel that the truth will only hurts a little while,
but lies on the other hand, hurts more than a life time when
it's being exposed.

Well, not to worry.
karma always does her dirty job of punishing the
ungrateful ones, effectively with no expiry date.

Biologically speaking, I'm just way too proud of being
myself afterall, especially my tiny heart.

And for many reasons, I know alot more than the certain
someone that he had ever thought of. However, I kept
these secrets in my heart, just to avoid the trouble
of getting any unnecessarily argument.

Because I knew, my words are like weapons and they
wound many a times. And by being disrespectful, it
won't get me any closer to God either.

However, I'm still incredibly major in SARCASM!

Distressing much, I really do wonder if that certain someone
can actually taste the bullshit-lies out of his mouth?

And not forgetting the fact that, the certain someone has
a difficulty to poop, and it probably just sum up the reason
why his mouth is always full of shit.

Anyway, it's never too late to admit the fact that I've
make another terrible mistake, with a confusion of
infatuation vs love, that could possibily ended up
with a long term regrets.

Apparently, the certain someone's absence has been
TOO long, that his presence DOES NOT matter to me any
much longer, as knowing that one lie ruins a thousand truths,
let alone his gazillion lies.

Like I've always mentioned, it really matters
no more

and that I will move on, forgiving myself with regards
of all the past mistakes, and certainly shall never let anyone
define who I really am, because no one can ever make me
feel inferior anymore!

On a much distressing note, there is an urgent need
to buy a new pair of contacts too, as I realized there are
SOME enemies who evidently disguise as friends,
and that no matter which directions I look, these are
the people who always mask themselves with two faces.

Whatever it is, it's still better than people who steal
hearts intentionally. And for a more obvious reason,
I don't stalk, because it's too strong a word, and I'd
rather use the word
And on a more convincing note, I've already change
the lock to my heart, even if that certain someone
still holds the old key.

Because the broken hearted me has finally concluded that,
I gotta act what my mind knew all aong, and that is,
the certain someone is just an invisible shadow, never
ever did existed, and it just don't worth the pain anymore.

Again, disappointment is just an understatement, and
I truly felt sorry towards everything, because I
couldn't fit
that certain someone weird

Lastly, I sincerely hope that the certain someone will
always keep this in mind :
'' When the love of your life left you, it hurts isn't it?

And if you do, why put this pain again to someone else,
who's willingly to loves you dearly? Remember this,
if it's hurts you, it hurt others too.''

PS: No names are being mentioned, so everyone can
fairly well READ in peace.


11 June 2011


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08 June 2011

Movie Review


First, I'd like to thank Omy.sg for the exclusive movie invite! :)

The film ''Laddaland'' is one of the BEST Thai horror

movies I've seen so far. (If you've read my previous tweet msg).

The storyline is chilling to the bone, as all the characters in
this film had to deal with their dead neighbours, which is
something more scarier than you could ever imagined!

And it defintely mark as a good horror movie, simply because
everyone in the cinema were seen placing their hands or bags
all over their face and peeking at the screen between their fingers.

Well, the storyline balances the plot with shocks in every scene,
and manages to distinguish perfectly from other horror films
as well.

Therefore, don't miss this film if you're a HUGE fan

of horror movies like ''The Ring'', ''Shutter''or even the
recent movie ''Insidious'', as ''Laddaland'' is definitely
10 times more entertaining than the above mentioned! :)