21 May 2011


Today, there is nothing more feminine and appealing
than to achieve the hour glass silhouette of a woman!

Essentially, if you are a woman (a vain one like me),
and has
the desire to reduce your waist-line and maintaining
a perfect body shape, without using the form of dieting,
slimming pills or even expensive cosmetic surgery, I'd say
CORSETS is all that you need !!!

Well, Corsets have proven to be very functional, and
has it's own ability to enhanced a woman's figure and
waist shapping, by gradually wearing it on a regular basis.

And till now, my love and fascination for corsets contiune
to rise, simply because it really does fatten my tummy, giving
me a
much more slimmer waist, and also
enhanced my boobs
and hips provoatively!

How awesome is that right? :D

And this is why, I'm now sharing an awesome
online boutique website with you, which sells all
of my favourite pieces of corsets !!! :)

Simply Intimate

Simply Intimate defines the spirit of intimate
synergy between a woman's mind, body and soul.

And with the wide variety of unique and exclusive
lingerie, spa products and holistic body wellness therapies,
you will certainly discover more of a intimate experience
with them!

The Limited Edition Corsets

Sexy and Ready to wear Corsets

The above are some of my favourite picks @ Simply Initmate,
and now I'm
gonna show you how I look like wearing one!


Fitted floral lace sweetheart corset

Simply Intimate's corsets show how a ridiculously curvy
body one can get!

As it hide our flaws and enhance our shape undering clothing!

Wearing Simply Intimate's corsets and cam-whore
with confidence !

Fitted sweetheart denim corset with floral print

I simply love this set of corsets as it suits me with
different special occassion like going out for a dinner date,

or even attending birthday parties!

So now, you have more than enough reason
to buy one for yourself @ the
Simply Intimate
online store !!! :)


My readers will enjoy exclusive 10% discount
on all regular priced items..

Just simply Key in discount code ''XTIN'' in the
box upon check-out to enjoy this offer.

Promotion ends on 18 June 2011
*T&C: Not applicable with other discounts & promotions.

And now, connect with Simply Intimate for an
contents, freebies and discount @ :

Website :
Facebook :

Enjoy your intimate shopping experience with SimplyIntimate ! :)

15 May 2011




14 May 2011


LoveCoach is an online designer outlet store
specializing in authentic designer bags like
Coach and Kate Spade.

LoveCoach carries unique designer bag to suit any
woman's fashion style with a variety colors of the handbags.

To whether you are shopping for a designer bags like
Coach and Kate Spade, or other accessories for a friend,
or yourself.
LoveCoach is here to bring you these
authentic designer products at reasonable prices online.

As products in
LoveCoach are affordable and

lower prices than Coach and Kate Spade in Singapore.

LoveCoach products are 100% authentic and
brand new
with tag, authenticity card and gift receipt
and photocopy of original receipt.

Direct from Coach and Kate Spade factory in USA
(Not rejected goods).

Also, personal delivery to stated address in
for orders S$200 and above.

Or meet up/Self collection for all other amounts,
however not via registered mail, so that interested buyer
can inspect the item on the spot.

(For more information of the mode of payment & delivery,
kindly visit

Also, LoveCoach assumes all responsibility of
lost items during shipment and full refund/replacement
will be made.

Lastly, new bags are added frequently, however
limited pieces per design and colour ONLY!

Therefore, hurry now and visit LoveCoach
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11 May 2011


As I always mentioned, sharing is love! :)

And in today's blog entry, I shall blog about my favourite
Fashion Online Blogshop, mamatiam.com !!!

Without a doubt, you can always find trendy yet
affordable fashion clothing in mamatiam online store.

Also, upon purchase their clothing,
you have the privilege to
accumulate their loyalty points, and to convert them into
voucher form for later use. (For Eg $16 = 16 points = $0.16)

V-Neck Silk Netting Dress
only cost
(Super great deal!!!)

What's new !!!

Men's collection of printed tee-shirt is currently

available @ Mamatiam ~

And now, you have MORE reason to shop online
for your beloved boyfriend !!! :D

Hurry visit their online store now!

Website : http://mamatiam.com/
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Enjoy shopping @ mamatiam!!! :)

07 May 2011

Movie review

First, I'd like to thank Omy.sg for the exclusive movie invite! :)

Fast & Furious 5 is a must-watch weekend

box office movie, because in this series they cast new faces
like, Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock", Gal Gadot & Elsa Pataky.

Well, if you are an action fan like me, this would
definitely be your territory!

Concurrently, you'll get to see a whole load of awesome
actors in this film, and most importantly witness the scene
where Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson performed an
unarmed muscle fight in the film.

And I particularly like Dwayne Johnson to star in the film,

as I used to be a die hard fan of "The Rock", which
somehow adds a plus point for this film! :)

Lastly, don't miss this film even if you are not into actions,
and cars, nor worry if you have not caught the previous series,
because this isn't a sequel and you can pretty well enjoy
the whole crux of it! :)

05 May 2011

When I was much younger, I used to spend
time wishing I was older.

And now, I'm really getting older ...
What else can I wish more ?

Happy 27th Birthday to me! :)

I love getting flashbacks, only on things
that I wanna remember ...

Cheers to Singlehood !!!

Me, Joceyln and Sharmaine

I still love myself and X-tin more ...

Kozen and Stanley

Me and my Baby, Andie Lee

Prim and Us!

Kelvin and Sharon

We may not be real sisters by blood,
but we are definitely darlings by heart!

Heart you baby ... !!!

Kaili babe

Those who came - Thanks much !
Those who never get invited - I'm really sorry !
Those who get e invitation but didn't turn up - You better watch out !
Those who pretended not knowing it's my birthday - Fuck you very much !

PS: I'm fully responsible for what I wrote and said,
not what you understand! .... Hehe :)