21 April 2011

I believe in today's society, many people are emphasising
very much on individual behaviour and manner, or perhaps
it was only greatly emphasis to a certain group of people,
namely the "insincere ones",
to display their undesirable
manners into a pleasant ones.

As the saying goes :

" One's with good manner is being admired,
while the ill-manners is only ridiculed and ignored."

Well, in no doubts, having good manners is a very important
set of behaviors which somehow mark a particular person to
be civilized or cultured member of a society!


And I strongly believe, manners are usually taught from
a very young age.
As I always remember how I was taught
by my parents the importance of being
polite and considerate
towards the people around me.

Well, there are many occasions when we can show good manners.

For instance, if you get invitation to an event, party or function,
do make it a point to RSVP as it's always courteous to let the
other party or organiser to be inform whether you are attending
following event etc.

So there goes for my upcoming birthday party next Tuesday,
and please be reminded to RSVP with regards of your attendance! :)

Alright, joke aside.

We often read in the newspaper of many kind soul who offer
their MRT or bus seats to the elderly, pregnant women or the

younger children.

I mean, it's the art of kindness and a shown of politeness and
courtesy to others, and listen patiently to the elderly, and
the people who are in needs.

However, not all the people I knew perform good manners but
rather to me they are considered to be boorish and rude!

I mean, you don't need to be particularly high educated

or having a pleasant look to impress others and classified to
be good manner.

I mean, it comes from the heart, and not those who mask their
true, deceitful nature to hoodwink others, and to whether those
are considered sincere or pretentious, you decide!

Also, those who holds power and position in the society should
always perform
good manners in good measure.

Simply because, I can't see
a point if they should be respected
if he or she isn't showing
any kind of courteous to his subordinates,
friends or even their love ones.

Well, I'd say a good starting point is to understand why one should
always show gratitude and appreciation towards others, especially
those who REALLY CARES for you!

And from my point of view, people who possess ill-manners are
those who :

  • Fart in the public, and still pretending,

  • Falsely accused the innocent victims & victimise oneself,

  • Deliberately hangs up phone call when the other party is still
    holding on at
    the other end,

  • Interrupting other's conversation,

  • Ignoring urgent calls & sms texts,

  • Create unnecessary office politics,

  • Blogs about me, and using my online pics to post on his or
    her blog without my persmission,

  • Back stabbing & many more.

Simply no excuses!!!

The above mentioned are examples of the crude people who perform
crude manners that irritates me, and I seriously wonder how these
people could act such a sweet angel in front of everyone, but in fact
they talk shit behind everyone's back!

Well, such a pity ....

I guessed, it's time to turn nasty and stop being kind to everyone,
though I'm still consider myself a patient person, and had given

plenty of 2nd chances to many people, however I am not a saint,
and I do have my limits!!!

Arghhh ....

Perhaps I need a few minutes to restart my thoughts now, and
just be thankful that there's still plenty of things for me to happy
about, rather than these crude stuff ...

PS: Some people really got the power to make my life
feeling like a living hell ar! However just keep this in mind,
you're no longer my weakness anymore, no more ....