28 March 2011

I love myself and xtin more Xtin is love . .

20 March 2011

It's a hot Sunday afternoon, and I'm laying in my bed
staring at my laptop, thinking of what should I blog to

entertain you (my readers)!

X-tin Lim

Out of boredom, I download the iphone appsfire for
more free apps,
and was playing the free photography
apps since yesterday afternoon.

I'd say, some of the apps are really awesome and addictive!

Well, I personally enjoy playing it much, and I think
it'd be
nice to share with all my readers here!

The Hair MakeOver Lite for New hairstyle!

It's a pretty fun and interesting apps, as you can easily
match your face with different kind of hair styles in less
than a couple of seconds!

Tadah ...

Welcome to this Hot Summer Hairspiration!

And this is my work:
Cute much yeah !

xtin is so virignluvtoxic

I think, it's pretty obvious that I'm obsessed with my hair!
Nope, I guess I should say it's a wig?!?

Alright, so which hairstyles & colour suits me the most?

xtin is so virignluvtoxic

The RealCover Lite

Am playing this apps in my iphone too, and I think
pretty impressive, however it only provides 6
magazine covers for the free apps.
X-tin Lim
X-tin Lim
X-tin Lim .
MORE apps PLEASE !!!

Alright, I shall confess my love for the following apps:

The Smile Cat Postcard &
The Instax

These are great apps, where I can happily decorate and
design my photos with lovely stickers and adjust the
of my own preference.

My art work :

xtin lim

Don't mumbled a half-baked compliment for
these pictures, if you really do like it! (As I love it much!)

Because, you can now rape me one million times using
my online pictures, and I won't say a single NO in your
virtual world! :o

X-tin Lim

My cutest niece Charlotte & me.
And I Love her much !!!

X-tin Lim

X-tin Lim

Alright, time for some beauty nap!
and I shall blog again SOON .... :)

PS: The passing of time on weekends, usually dulls the
memories of my saddest moments, but I still vivdly recall
the pain you put me through! However, only recently has
it dawned on me that you are STILL the loser in this game,
just the way you're playing it!

18 March 2011

. X-tin is sad .

06 March 2011


virginluvtoxic 01
virginluvtoxic 010101
x-tin lim

PS: Blame the world, it's VirginLuvToxic !!!

05 March 2011

Sponsored Review

The other day went to Essensuals Bugis,

to have my awesome hair done!

Xtin @ Essensual Bugis

My stylist Yan suggested that, I should have a brighter
& lighter colour shade to suit my loud personality.

So here it goes ....

X-tin is VirginLuvToxic

And as usual, the service was excellent and it didn't take
too long
for me to have this gorgeous colour done! *loves*


A picture of me & Yan, my stylist.
Really love her much, for her professional advice which
transform me with a different look each time I visit the salon!

Thank you Yan, truckloads of love !!! :)

X-tin & Yan

This is for X-tin, me! :)

X-tin Lim

I love myself & my gorgeous hair MORE! keke

X-tin baby Lim

Having awesome hair done is always love, and now you can
get to experience it in
Essensuals Bugis!

Visit their Salon now @ :

241-A Victoria Street
Bugis Village
S'pore 188030
(Above Burger King)

t: 63330039
e: bugis@essensuals .com.sg
w: www.essensuals.com.sg