28 February 2011

For the first time ever, I was feeling ecstatic when I
knew I've got the tickets to watch Raymond Lam 1st
Singapore's concert
which was held in the Max Pavailion
@ Expo on Saturday.

Well I suppose, that's the only happy memories I can ever
recall now. . .

X-tin Lim

The concert never fail to amuse me, because Raymond Lam
is awesomely nice and friendly to all his fans, and of course
well prepared for his songs and dance steps too.

Most importantly, I truly felt I was in heaven when he sung
my favourite song
at the ending part.
And I'm pretty sure,
anyone here who has attend his concert the
other day,
will definitely want to re-live that experience!

Well, I'd say the concert was truly spectacular, astounding,
and stupendous! Filled with his charm and style, and every
minute was exhilarating with his passion of singing!

5 thumbs up !!! :D

Raymond Lam concert

As I've mentioned earlier, I felt I was truly in heaven
upon hearing my favourite song, but at the same time
I was feeling exceedingly emotional too.

This particular song just reminds me of my ex boyfriend,
however I still think I shouldn't rush into relationship again

just because I'm afraid of being alone.

I think it's really about finding a particular right person,
that's able to accept my flaws and understands everything
that I need
, because nowadays most people know the price
of everything, and the value of nothing!

xtin is so virignluvtoxic

Love aside.

I guess things really need to come to an end,
so as to make my way for a beautiful beginning.

Right not? :)

Therefore, my new mission in life is pretty much simple now!
And that is:

Eat, Sleep, Work, and BLOG !!! :D

27 February 2011

I love myself and X-tin more
X-tin is so virginluvtoxic

I used to spend 23 hours a day,
wondering whether we’re right for each other.

Wondering whether we got the energy to fight
and argue every single little things that we need
to get into.

But on the 24th hour,
I realize I’ve been thinking about you for the past 23 hrs.

So I guess there’s something special about you,
that I can’t really stay away from.

Something about you,

that makes me want to love you more.

And this is what I term as “Move on” ....

24 February 2011

Just because sharing is LOVE, I'm so gonna share some great
love with all my beloved blog readers here !!! :)

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Happy hour Sunday to Thur 10-3pm, additional discount
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So hurry!!!

Visit Essensuals Bugis now!
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19 February 2011

I guess it has been quite a while since I last blog about
my thoughts here.

Well, how time flies and do you realized that we are already
more than 10% through with 2011?

Apparently, it's been a fruitful month for me, filled with many
changes in my life, back to banking
industries, planning meetings,
and many other blogging activities
to set the ball rolling for the year.

All in all, I've set more goals in 2011, and it seems like I'm having
alot more momentum around each of my priorities. While I
envisage alot of hard work this year, it makes me feel pretty
much confident for the year to come.

However, I want to reiterate what
I've said in my previous entry,
that I will still try my best to blog more often! :)

Long story short, the belated CNY pics:


Well on a side note, it takes me alot of courage to step back a little
to realize certain things, so as to see the bigger picture. However
I am glad that I actually do so, because it was then I realized I'm
actually taking a big step forward to have a clearer view.

Moving forward, I guess I'll be very busy with my life and
I don't think I have much time for love! :)

Because there comes a point when I realized, even the prettiest
flower will wilt one day, as
nothing will last forever, not
mentioning it was a fake one.

I can never be good enough for a certain individual,
so I guess being single and alone is
much more happier
being with someone who always gave me empty promises,
high expectations, and it's very own set of opinion.

Well, on a much happier note
I've learned to apologise for
my mistakes
(if I've done or hurt anyone so far) , and also to
value myself more
and what I stand for.

And in no doubts, time always has a wonderful way of
showing me what really does matter.

So as for now, I just want to be happy with myself and my life,
because if I am, everything else will just fall in place, as
everyone gotta remember happiness breeds happiness yea! :)
Alright, I guess I shall stop here, and wishing each and
everyone here, to
enjoy the good times with your love ones
a bountiful year ahead!
PS: Though it was never an amicable split, I don't hate you
and I hope you don't either, however I'm just disappointed
as you turned into everything you said you'd never be!

15 February 2011

Flea Market

This Sun, 20 Feb 3pm to 8pm the only chance to meet me in real person!

On a side note, I'll be giving away some cash vouchers from

Essensuals BUGIS hairdressing to my blog readers!!!

See you there! :)