24 January 2011

It gonna be a dream.

Walking down an old street, listening to the sound of my
own footsteps. I weren't sure if I'm heading towards anywhere,
or I'm just walking away to avoid the heavy crowd.

Then I saw a girl crying in the nearby roadside ...

I went forward to console her, asking if she needs my help,
and those words she whispered in my ears,

"There's nothing you can do to make me
feel alright" .

Sometimes, not very often, you probably will get that feeling where
you don't wanna talk to anybody. You don't wanna fake a smile,
and you don't wanna fake being happy.
But at the same exact time,

you just wanna be left alone.

And, I'm no exception either.

Many are aware that, it was so recently I have a serious problem
here, but from my part, there's isn't a need to explain it to
whoever you are.

Just like the girl in my dream, there's nothing you could do or
say to make me feel alright, and if I could want anything in the world,
it would be to be LEFT ALONE.

Because when I'm alone, no one will constantly ask me what's
wrong with everything, and even though I did replied, there
isn't anyone who will take "Nothing's wrong, I'm fine." as

an answer.

I'm sorry, but keep this in mind, the difficult situation I'm facing
right now will
soon be over, and that I will be able to be myself again,
but until then all I need is to be alone.

Memories lies well ....

PS: I sit here alone, typing this ...
Love make me really sad, when I think about it ....

17 January 2011

guy bourdin

16 January 2011

The other day went to Del's birthday party ...

Del, Me & Andie

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11 January 2011

How great it will be, if only weekends were weekdays, and everyone only works 
2 days a week! :) 

X-tin @ Absolute Thai

PS: Amazingly enough, I am still me ...

10 January 2011


Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and
the tradition strongly indicated that we should always
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Firstly, I'd like to thank omy.sg for this exclusive movie invite! :)The movie "Fair Game" is a riveting film based on a true event
story of a CIA undercover officer, named Valerie Plame.
When Valerie plame undercover identity was being exposed,
reality pushed her to it's limits as her career and personal life
begin to implode. As f
riends became distant, while she has to
struggles and overcome the fear of losing and destroying her
own reputation,
career, and marriage.

And the story continues . . .

The trailer :

Though, crackling with TEN Oscar nominees for Best Picture etc,
"Fair Game" doesn't appeal to me as a very entertaining movie!

Well, I do agree to the fact that the story line is pretty much
awesome written, however overly aggressive political story,
with unsatisfying conversation and dialogue in the film,
is the prove of how much it doesn't interest me at all, and it
seems to me as a terrificially uber-boring film! :(

Lastly, I will only rate it as a 2 stars movie!.