30 December 2010


Today, all women including me know how important
it is to have a pair of graceful and gorgeous bosoms,
simply because we can't denied the fact that,
having a nice bust shape and size is important
when it comes to physical appearance as it is not
only gaining self-confidence, but also more inclined
to have a delightful and fulfilling life!

In no doubts, women having a beautiful bust line
are definitely more likely to hold attention of the
people around them.

Well, if you are relatively feeling insecure because
of your bust problem, don't be too dishearten!

Because, small and imbalanced or undeveloped busts
can be enlarged effectively by natural way too,
with the help of Tokyo Bust Express!

Tokyo Bust Express

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In Tokyo Bust Express, you can experience
Japan's best kept breast enhancement secret
using their very own technology, age-old techniques
and purest herbaceous extracts, to enhance your
bust size in a safely and naturally way.

Well, very often small breasts problem came from lack of
proper development at young age, improper bra size or
bra shape, or rapidly lost weight since teenager period.

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But, not to worry!

With no injections nor pills, Tokyo Bust Express
will regain your self-confidence being a woman!

Tokyo Bust Express specialized in all areas
of bust treatments, and they ensures that the machines
being used for all the bust treatments are gentle,
yet effective, and no side effects caused.

Tokyo Bust Express provide a variety of bust treatment:

  • Kou You Magic

  • Senchi Plus Massage

  • X10 Senchi Plus

  • Shokubutzu Hormone essence

  • Okina C

  • Pinku Nipple

  • Daizu Mask

Unveil your confidence with the best bust shape!

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Bust Lifting

Most suitable for women who experienced sagging,
droopy and heavy busts.

After the treatment, a firmer bust line can be seen and
that put an end to sagging breasts.

Bust Contouring

Most suitable for women who experienced imbalanced,
and out of shape busts.

After the contouring session, bust is clearly and visible
to be seem as more balanced and shapelier.

Bust Enhancement

Most suitable for women with small or undeveloped bust line.

At the end of the session, you will get to see your bust in a
more curvaceous manner.

Pink Nipple Treatment

Most suitable for women that has decolourised nipples
due to pregnancy, breast feeding or other factors.

After the session, discoloured nipple will regain it's
original colour.

Alright, the other day went to Tokyo Bust Express
@ Ngee Ann City Tower B to have a trial treatment
session on their Senchi Plus Massage, and
I'd say it's awesome!

I mean, the results are noticeable just after one
massage session, as I can feel the increase of firmness
in my bust area!
Happy :)

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And now, with the help of Tokyo Bust Express,
I have a firmer bust line that allows me to gain more
by wearing more revealing clothing with
low-cut cleavage without worries!


Why wait?

Visit their Outlets at :

Orchard Central

181 Orchard Road #B1-21 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

Ngee Ann City

391A Orchard Road Tower B #05-18A
Singapore 238873

Novena Square 2

10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111/112
Singapore 307506

Next Mall

23 Serangoon Central, #03-32
Singapore 059300

Tel: 6262 6161
Website: http://www.tokyobustexpress.com/
Email: info@tokyobustexpress.com