30 November 2010

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Music is my life!
And wouldn't you wanna know what's playing in my walkman?!?

Well, I reckon good music ought to be introduced in my
blog as well!
Therefore, I'd like to showcase the music that
I really love to share with all my beloved readers here.

Be toxified by them!

They are the TKB !!!

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This 4 piece mandarin rock outfit has groovy toxic melodic
materials which got into me and am still humming along with it!

And it's truly an awesome effort from TKB, where t
hey prided
the album as a made in Singapore product as they handled
from producing to eventual publishing all locally in highest
audio recording standards and prints

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Speaking from a honest view point, Derrick, the guitarist
and the main composer of TKB mentioned that TKB's
rocking synergy derives from the mind,soul & form.

It's a wake up to a new era of mandarin rock which TKB
hopes to deliver in this much anticipated self-titled debut
album "我们是TKB" .

He also hinted that a singles "迟了来不及" is next on
the lineup after the debut album is published.

TKB plans to brandish their flavour to a larger audience
with hit and run sing-along choruses and emotion-tainted
ballads to invade every listener's inner self and stomping
dynamic to play air guitar to!

Let's hear them...fresh out of their recording studio!
Be the first here to sample TKB before they hit radio!

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The first song
"黑色相片" relates how
saddest moments
are never depicted in a photo but forever kept at the back
of our hearts.

Photo is a timeline which captures images of how and
where we are at that moment in our lives.

The second song "By Your Side" hums about the power
of innocent love which everyone would've experience during
our growing up years.

A fairytale, a happy ending story which co-exists with us
even through adulthood, regardless of countless angst,
disappointment and rejections.
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TKB's heart thumping music does go along well with a
cool drink in the hand! As TKB is strongly supported by
ICE ROCKZ @ Scape which is giving away a special edition
"TKB Dark Choc Bubble Tea" with every "我们是TKB"
album purchase!

Well, a fan base is the key that up-and-coming musical artists
need to succeed. Therefore,
you should be a part of it!

So spread the word, and tell your friends about TKB,
and now get ready your emotions and senses, and
catch them at their official Facebook page!


27 November 2010

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PS: As a blogger, blogging has given me immense joy and reward.
This is why I've decided to give a little back by blogging more
often in the near future! And I'd like to give my thanks to
all my loyal blog followers, 
and yes in no doubts it's YOU,for viewing this page of mine, and I wish you many hours
of reading pleasure in the near future! XOXOXO :p


15 November 2010


05 November 2010

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