28 October 2010


26 October 2010

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Fashion trends are changing every single year.
Dresses, Tops, Outwear, Bottoms, Skirts, Jumpsuits,
and Accessories, have always been in the fashion trend.

And today, with the help of many online shopping website,
we can clearly cut out the traffic, and simply sit infront of
our computer, get shopping done within a second by
just a magic click!

How awesome is that ! :)

And this is why, I'm now sharing an awesome
online blog shop with all my beloved readers,
simply because sharing is ALWAYS love! :)


iwearsin.com defines the spirit of modern fashion,
and the word "SIN" stands for Stylish Internet Natives,
a label conceived only with style, and catered exclusively
to the internet.

Here at iwearsin.com, you can find different kinds of
, from casual glam to rock chick, Sailor girl to Military Chic!

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Each style has its rules and specifications but in
iwearsin.com, from dresses to jumpsuit, it has no
such restrictions and anyone can wear them!

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Below are some of my favourite picks at iwearsin.com.
So check it out! :)


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Get trendy and sexy in this off-shoulder dress,
as it is a great outfit for many different occasions.
To whether it’s for partying or a date, it’s simply perfect!

Sexy little outfit that’s sweet and versatile.

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So how?

Do you like this pretty & cute dress with self tied ribbons
at both shoulders?!?


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Get the sporty look!

Stripes delight comes with two colours : White and black
Best match with denin vest and shorts!


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This is one of my favourite dresses simply because
I can wear it not only for important fuctions, it goes
well as a casual dress to date too

And, it’s comfortable to wear so that’s an
additional bonus to this dress too.

The back and front view of the dress

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Promotion :

FREE SHIPPING with purchases of USD 50 and above

What's New !!!

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As to thank everyone who supported
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Enjoy shopping online !!! :)

05 October 2010

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It was so recently, I took a self-proclaimed holiday from blogging
to reflect a little bit on my love direction where I should be heading.

Alright, I am in love! :)

Well, I'd say when you are in love, the word "Love" is an
extraordinary powerful emotion, where it is patient,
it is kind, it does not envy and it can never be proud.

And with the truest of all inexplicable feeling, love makes
everything else seems so much greener and fine than ever.

Nevertheless, everyone in their life will sure experience a
certain stages of self-doubt, distress, and conflicts
or anything you name it, all in the pursuit of the elusive
term called true love.

And very often, when one had experienced it many times,
this pursuit of true love often leads to this term call "Poison love".

Well, the reason why I term it as "Poison love" is because,
it makes one feel extremely miserable and sick towards another
individual which involved in a relationship with you, in a long
period of time.

Just like some of you, I had my share of "Poison love" too!

I had too many stages in my life where I pondered really hard,
asking why everyone was dating someone, getting married,
living or staying with their love ones, and yet I can't seem to
find the right one?

And when I did find the "right one", it's either something
wrong with the man, with the relationship, or probably with me?
And nothing in particular seems to work out fine for me!

As a result, "Poison love" makes me feel so sick and exasperated
towards relationships, especially after I've gone through the
excruciating experience with a certain individual, 4 months back.

And concluded that the only way to let the tremendous pain
pass by, is to find and keep the love that I deserve.

Anyway, life is too short to bother about a certain idiotic
individual who was known to be an outright liar cum cheater
which don't deserved to be an issue in my life anymore!

And now, I just want to tell the world that IT'S OFFICIAL,
I AM ATTACHED, soaking in bliss with a certain individual
whom I can proudly call him my boyfriend!

However, I am still
very much of a hopeless romantic! :)

PS: When you really love someone, age, distance, height,
and weight is just a damn number ...

01 October 2010