15 September 2010

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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is a film
directed by Oliver Stone.

Starring Michael Douglas, Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan.

It was exactly 23 years after the original film "Wall Street",
Michael Douglas is back with the film slogan "Greed is good",
and with an addition line, "The root of all evil is speculation"
which brilliantly sum up the story of this film.

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The film starts from character Gordon Gekko, played by
Michael Douglas being released from the prison, and
in attempt to warn all the business traders with regards
of the forthcoming economic downturn. And at the same time,
tries to rekindle his relationship with his estranged daughter.

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Her name is Winnie, a character played by Carey Mulligan.
Winne is the daughter of Gordon Gekko, however she hates
Gordon due to the death of her younger brother, Rudy,
where she blames Gordon for being the cause of Rudy's death.

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Apparently, the entire film concentrate slightly more on the
character Jacob Moore, played by Shia LaBeouf, an ambition
young trader who try to seek revenge after the death of his mentor.

Jacob, being Winnie's boyfriend approached Gordon
for help in his revenge on his manager, and in exchange
he will help Gordon to seek forgiveness from Winnie.

And the story continues . . .

The movie trailer:

Well, I'd say if you work in the financial sector, you probably
will enjoy this film pretty much, or else the realistic and financial
scene will sure drown you with boredom, as the unsatisfying
financial conversation and visual imbroglios is the proof of that.

Lastly, I'd like to thank omy.sg for this exclusive movie treat! :)
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10 September 2010

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PS: I'll never lower down my expectations, just because I'm slightly overweight! :p

05 September 2010

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"And they lived happily ever after …........"

Well, this is how often fairy tales end the line in their story.
But in reality, what make's a couple most compatible?


Who do you think is the most compatible celebrity couple?!?

#1. The Brangelina HOT - Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt ?

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#2. The Style & Vogue - Victoria & David Beckham ?

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#3. The Cougar couple - Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher?

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None of the above mentioned is my favourite choice!

Simply because I'm LOVING the DeGeneres couple !!! :D

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi
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Ellen DeGeneres, a television host for talk show "The Ellen Show",
while her wife, Portia de Rossi is an Australian actress.

Well, the loving couple have been dating since December 2004,
and shortly after a few years of dating, Ellen announced
her plans to wed Portia during her Ellen talk show.

Their wedding was held in Ellen’s $29 million home in
the presence of only 30 invited guests, and of course

hmmm ...

You must be wondering was Ellen DeGeneres the groom,
and Portia de Rossi the bride?

Anyway, here the pictures of their wedding and you shall decide
who's the groom and who's the bride. But well, need me to elaborate more?

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Ahem . . .

More proof of their love, as if you weren't already convinced :

Portia showed off her 3-carat pink diamond wedding ring
while spotted attending the Emmy Awards together with Ellen.

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" WOW, 3 Carat pink diamond ring. . . Envy much yea?!?"

Also, Portia on her part show her love for wife Ellen,
filed a petition with the Los Angeles Country
Superior Court to request to change her name to
Portia DeGeneres!!!

So, are you convinced now?!? :)

Alright, what make them the most compatible celebrity couples
as compared to the rest?

Well, I'd say people who married to the same gender always

enjoy many aweseome things while others don't.

Having to say this, woman always understand a similar thoughts
and perspective from the other woman, and very often they
have the same agenda in life.

It's like they have another female to talk to, discussing about makeup,
share stories with, get fashion tips from, enjoying shopping together,
and of course watching "The L Word" together. *Light smile*

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Astrologically, the pair are very much compatible because
both of them are from Aquarius.

As an Aquarian, they particulary love each other's sense of humour,
and willingly to share each other's interests. Thus, both of them
definitely will get along with each other very well, and sure to
be bounded for life in a unique and unconventional way.

Well, of course I'm not asking everyone here to date
someone from the same gender to be as loving as them! Lol.

As much as everyone is concern, marriage is Never a game.

And I'd say, many relationships go rocky after 3 to 7
years of their marraige.

Nevertheless, majority of them still treat their relationship
like shopping, buying new clothing and discard the
old ones like nobody business?


Evidently appearances, personality and status are obvious
reasons, but these are not permanently within one's control
and no one can maintain a relationship based on these
transient values.


Therefore, it is very important that everyone should identify
their compatible partners who share the same values, and with
whom they feel loved, and empowered.

And this is why, I'm now sharing an awesome & unique
match-making website with all my beloved readers,
simply because sharing is LOVE! :D


Have you guys ever heard of eSynchrony?

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Alright, I shall do a simple write-up for eSynchrony.

eSynchrony is a unique online dating website
empowering it's members to pick and choose the best choices
by providing them the most accurate informations about
their potential matches throughout their search.

Why unique?

eSynchrony is unlike other dating websites, as it is much
more safer
as they are certified and accredited by the
SDNtrust accreditation, and also featured in media like
Channelnewasia.com, Channel U, Channel 5 & 8,
The Straits Times, The new paper, Asia One, My paper.sg
and NewsRadio 9.38.

How does the arrangement work?

eSynchrony arrange a face-to-face date for it's members

who have register and signed up an account, and determine
if there's a chemistsry between the two.

2. They do a phone consultation to understand it's members
needs and expectation of their matches.

3. They do checks on marital status, age and ID details with all
of their members who have sign up the account and packages.

4. They do all the work, for eg:
coordination of timings of the
date, restaurants booking, and sending reminders to it's members
of the date and details of the date.

And now, this is what you need to do:

1. First, register eSynchrony to receive free matches
and as you sign up for an account, spend some time
to do a quick test which may take you about 35 mins.

Well, the reason for you to take up the test is

eSynchrony wants to have a better understanding
of your personality, hobbies and background so as to provide
you with the most accurate matches.

2. Upon completed the test, you can view the selected

matches which
eSynchrony pick for you, and you can
select the potential matches you wish to date with.
You can either view, approve or cancel the match.

3. If your matches also responded to you, eSynchrony
team of consultants will inform you, and coordinate
the date for you over a simple date.

And all you have to do is Just turn up the date !

4. After the date, login to your eSynchrony account and
update them with your honest feedback, so as to ensure
if there's a need to refine your matches, and to serve you
better for the next date!

Wait readers, I'm not done yet! :)

You can also get a FREE date by just sharing!!!

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OMG, how awesome is that!!!

So hurry, register eSynchrony now
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