27 June 2010


X-tin lim
X-tin is love
X-TIN  is so Virginluvtoxic

Had an awesome Sat night, partying with Andie baby and
the rest @ Attica, Le noir, Lunar and Dolly.

X-tin is so virginluvtoxic

X tin











X tin


24 June 2010

V is for virginluvtoxic
Xtin lim

22 June 2010

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PS: Evidently, it takes millions of good deeds to build up a
good reputation, and only one bad mistake to lose it . . .

21 June 2010

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19 June 2010

This article reduced me to tears after reading it, as it somehow
hits me strongly like a tons of bricks . . .

A very touching article

Without a doubt, mothers are the ones who give us a complete life,
nourishes us and guided us like an angel throughout our lives.
And for sure, every mother is the greatest woman God ever created!

Looking back, remorse filled me with shame as I've always been
an unfilial daughter for making my mother to get angry and sick.

As she simply gave her up entire life to my father and her three
beautiful daughters :(

And though the fact that, she had already resigned to her delusions
of me being the black sheep of the family, and probably thought the
worst of me in every possible ways.

Nevertheless, she's still willingly to accept me for whoever I am,
gave up her life to nourish me and guided me to the right path.

And I believe, for the past three weeks it has definitely been tough
for her to accept the disturbing truth about her own daughter being
published and feature with bad publicity in the Chinese newspaper.

Well, there were plenty of regrets floating around me after the
news broke out last week, and I felt so sorry towards the hurt
that my mother has gone through.

Lastly, I just want to conclude that I love my mother, and I am
so proud to be one of her daughter, and really thank her for the
care she gave me for the past 26 years of my life.

Mummy I love you!

PS: It's never too late to show some care and concern towards your
love ones, especially when they're still around to feel your gratitude.


06 June 2010

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PS: I don't follow the crowd, but rather stay true to myself!

05 June 2010

Amazingly enough, your name taste good!
And it will always be in my mouth . . .
Yummy :D

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04 June 2010

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Ten days, exactly 10 days that I can only term as
" What a Fuck week", during which every painful
episode shame me in the most revolting way known
to mankind.

The fact is,

And, I'm not gonna give a fuck anymore!
Meaning to say, if that old fart keep spouting rubbish to hurt me,
I'm so gonna hurt him as well. That's how it's gonna be from now on !!!

First, word on the street is that he wants to
SUE me?


Sue what?
Sue me for defamation or harrassment?
What a joke?!?

And obviously, I' m
not going to apologise for the truth!

Well, it's weird in a way that he got the money to
sue me, when he's still heavily in debts?

Hmmm . . .
Seems like he got alot of "Lao Zha Bor" friends who
can support him financially ar.

Well, just in case he really go and sell his ass to hire
a lawyer, "F" and me had already safeguard all the
sms he had send to us as evidence!

Also, I've heard that he spreads thinly about himself
saying, it was me who make use of him to
gain popularity?!?


Another joke I presume?

I really can think of nothing more loathsome, that if
I don't blog about this
Jason Turtle Chung, no one
will actually know about this
old shameless fart!

Oh please, I'm the one who make you known to the
public okay! And because of me, you got yourself a
fans club in HWZ!

Look, you are famous!

5248 /.
THANK YOU, Forum geeks and nerds!
This picture make my day!


Anyway, this Jason Shameless Fucker don't feel
apologetic towards the whole incident at all!

And he can even commented saying, he was just
making a mistake that most men will make!


Most men only 2 timed their girlfriend, but you
4 timed okay!!!

Didn't you know, you're nothing but an
old shameless
perverted liar
, who lies to all, spreads yourself thinly,
collects beautiful women and binds them all together in
the same stained sheets!

More proof that he is a shameless cheater, as if you guys
weren't already convinced:

I've just receive a message from someone:
( As requested, I blur her face and name for her personal reason )



OMG, Mr Jason Turtle Chung actually borrowed money
from his no 4 girlfriend, just to buy me that expensive
birthday dinner!

Oh dear....

(Sorry Ms X X X , if I've indirectly offended you in a way.
However, my intention was not to embarrass you, but
rather make the public known about his shameless act)


I've learned my lesson well like a dutiful student, and
you make me never to believe anything that was said
between the hours of midnight till 5 am.

Anyway, fairness is not a word either of us was entitled
to define. However at the end of it, all I knew was that
I am so right
to leave you and so wrong to believe your
ugly truth, for you're nothing but a JERK!