28 February 2010


A watch tells more than just a time, it somehow reveals the
uniqueness of a woman who leads a modern lifestyle and at the
same time, wants to dress with a sense of casual sophistication.

Essentially, fashion watches had already became indispensable
accessories for many ladies, which adds as a stylish finishing
touch to their outfit.

Well, Monfae watches are a great help to add panache to ordinary
outfit, and to sure delight your fashion conscious!

Monfae is a local company selling ladies fashion watches,
located at Bishan Junction 8 #02-K1 & Plaza Singapura #02-K2B

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Monfae watches ranging from $39 to $59 only!
Here, with the Classic White and Red straps of Monfae watches.

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And with Monfae competitive prices, you can afford to indulge in
more than just 1 watch as a fashion trends change, so you can
have a fashion watch to express your different moods, and
most importantly to compliment your different outfit!

Monfae watches definitely make a great gift for style conscious
people like us, as they come in with many designs and styles!

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Me posing with Monfae Classic White Strap with Silver Frame Ladies Watch

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The Classic Red Strap Ladies Watch

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All Monfae watches are protected from the date of purchase that
comes with 2 years warranty. It offers a 3 months 1 to 1 exchange
to all of their watches for defection that warrenty does not cover :)

Also, if you buy 2 pieces of Monfae watches, you will be entitled
with a Monfae VIP Card which enable you to have a 20% discount
the next time you visit Monfae again!

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What's happening at Monfae!!!

As to thank everyone who supported Monfae watches,
Monfae has comes up with a "Photo of the month" contest
in Facebook, whereby you can upload a picture taken with
your favourite Monfae watch, and post it to the Monfae Official
Facebook club and get a chance to win and take away $100 worth of vouchers!

Why wait?

Join Monfae Official Fans Club in Facebook and Visit their outlets
Bishan Junction 8 #02-K1 & Plaza Singapura #02-K2B

26 February 2010

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23 February 2010

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An epic 3D fantasy adventure of "Alice In Wonderland",
will be showing on screen soon!

And I bet, most of us possibly can't wait for this important
date which starts from 4th March 2010, to enjoy the most
magical and adventurous movie of the year!

"Alice In Wonderland" an 1865 English novel, which tells a
story of a 19-year-old girl named Alice, who returns to the
fantasy world upon falls into a rabbit hole.

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Well, I love all the interesting characters featured in
"Alice In Wonderland" which includes Alice, Mad Hatter,
Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, Red Queen and many more.

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However, if I were to choose one as my favourite character,
it can only be White Rabbit :D

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White Rabbit is the first character Alice encounters, where
she follows the rabbit and accidentally enters the Wonderland.

Basically, what I like about White Rabbit is, it happens to
remind me of the interesting fact that the rabbit itself
resemble me pretty much in terms of character.

For example:

1) Always late

2) Always in a hurry

3) Always rushing

Well I'd say, both of us constantly appear to be late, nervous and
always in a hurry for almost everything in particular.

Also, another reason I like most about White Rabbit is,
just like me, it portrait a very confident personality that seems
to be wise enough to contradict many people around us.

Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late !!!

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The Trailer

While counting down to the release of the movie, let's us be
the first few fans to watch this amazing Trailer below!

Lastly, this movie definitely worth the price for theater tickets,
and so why wait?

Catch Alice in Wonderland Movie starting from 4th March 2010
and join the official Facebook and Twitter page!”


21 February 2010

An entry about Pork Chop Face
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Yesterday, not a very close friend of mine date me out
randomly for a movie date.

Normally, I'm pretty fine to go for a movie date with
random friends. However, it was so recently that I pay
more attention to what kind of person I'm hanging out with.

To be exact, I loathe men who don't respect women in
general, and that I'm pretty annoyed when it comes to
guys who touched me with bad intentions.

I mean really with bad intentions, especially those who
try to take advantage of me when I'm not very sober!

Whatever it is, to whether they are some random friends,
a friend of a friend, or hi-bye friends, jumping too quickly
to any forms of intimacy can only pissed me off big time,
because it simply show how inconsiderate and aggressive
that particular guy can be.

Also, by jumping into conclusion about a date from the
way I answer a question or two is definitely a mistake!

The bottom line is that, why can't guys let the date unfold
before making any assumption about someone he had
just met?

In conclusion, men who gets too touchy with me just never
get further after the first date!

Well, there's this particular random friend of mine,
whose constantly pissed me off big time.

Let's call him Mr L.

Mr L is the most disrespectful person I've ever met in
my entire life. And that he is the kind of man that will
probably try all means to be touchy with girls when
they are not in a very sober state!

A fugly man who probably bed any other girls found on
the street, as long as he doesn't need to pay a single cent!

Also, a fugly liar who lie about everything in particular to
make himself looks good, and let others pity him.

Fucking sad and insecure case !

And obviously, Mr L is a fugly opinionated guy with
no integrity which passed disrespectful comments and
untrue remarks on me which somehow makes him look
like a victim!

Seriously, it's so uneasy and embarrassing to get along
with idiotic people like Mr L. As in, you either agree
with him or you don't. And if you do, you are STUPID
and obviously getting yourself into deep shit!

Admittedly, by entertaining people like Mr L can
only boils down your mood at the end of the day!

To me, he is one of the most disgusting, idiotic and
disrespectful bastard ever alive!

Some clue for you to spot him on the street!

Mr L is described as follows:

1) Fugly large round face

2) Between 29 to 30 years old

3) Fat and oily

4) Less than 1.70 m tall

5) Small built with tanned complexion

6) Short, straight black hair

7) Was last seem with a T-shirt and blue jeans @ 13 sisters

And now, can you spot this Pork Chop?

PS: I'm obviously kind enough not to mention your name
in my blog! You are nothing, but a freaking dishonest Pork Chop
which bend the truth and telling the rest that I'm actually taking
you for granted when the fact that is YOU, yourself taking others
for granted and that on the 1st date you already have the dirty
thoughts on me! Face the reality, I'll never like you as a person,
not even a stranger too. PORK CHOP FACE !!!!

19 February 2010

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In the past 3 years, I used to spend Valentine's Day trying
to forget it's a Valentine's Day, since I do not have a boyfriend.

Well, you may be laughing it off now, and think that I'm some kind
of a pathetic weird bitch, and probably trying all means to convince
myself that Valentine is basically a day invented by businessman
to make lots of money and to let silly young men burn their pockets!

Frankly speaking, if you are happy with yourself and the
people around you, everyday should be a Valentine's day.
And the fact that, you gotta party hard, because its just like
any other day!

Also, if I rejected your Valentine's date and you happens
to read this blog post, I'm really sorry about that, because
I'd rather spend the day with my girlfriends, than to have
some no-strings attached fun!

Nah, I'm just kidding :D

Alright, this year Valentine's Day falls on Sunday which
is the 1st day of Chinese Lunar New Year.

It was exactly right after the reunion dinner with my family,
meet up with Andie to celebrate our so called "Valentine's Day"
@ St James Power Station.

Andie, me & Jennifer

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Bump into Jere who happens to be there

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Jere & Friends

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Alvin wants it more !

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Kochi & Andie

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Brotherly love

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PS: Gotta blame the world, it's still VirginLuvToxic !!!

18 February 2010

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Well, according to the 2010 Chinese Horoscope prediction,
the year of Tiger should be an average period for the Rat this year!

However, different birth elements brings out different kinds of luck
and fortune to different people.

Wondering will the Year of Tiger brings me luck this year?

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Ang Baos !!! Awesome much :D

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The other day, I blog about I missed my reunion dinner due
to my drinking reason, and I felt quite bad about it.

However, I manage to persuade everyone in the family to
have another "reunion dinner" with me again! :D

Lo Hei

Every year, we'll have the traditional "Lo Hei" session.
The higher you toss, the better your fortune will be,
so everyone say "Huat ar" !!!

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Reunion Dinner

My awesome reunion steamboat cum BBQ dinner on Valentine's day!

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This year, my mum didn't cook many dishes because we decided to
have steam boat cum BBQ dinner, rather than those very traditional
new year dishes to serve on table.

However, she still cook one of my favourite "healthy dish",
which consists of cabbage, mushrooms, fungi, beancurd skin
and vermicelli. Well, this is one of my favourite dishes ever
since I was a child!

Seriously, it's always nice to have reunion dinner at home rather
than visiting those very expensive hotels or restaurants, because
I strongly feel that, "home" is the only place where everyone feel
comfortable, and you can behave as loud and as boisterous as you want.

To sum up, this year reunion dinner is the most fulfilling dinner
I've ever had, as compared to the previous year. Where everyone
takes the opportunity and effort to catch up with one another
after a long period of absence.

Alright for now, after enjoying all the good food and new year
goodies, it'
s time to hypnotize the weighing machine so that it
won't increase AGAIN !


16 February 2010

Two bottles.
Exactly two bottles of red wine makes me drunk.

I guessed I've drink too much on a Friday night,
gets too sick on a Saturday night, and laugh too little
over a Sunday night, just because I missed my reunion
dinner with my relatives due to my hangover shit!

Alright, let's not talk about the nightmare quantities of
crazy complaining, and ridiculously generous amount of alchol
intake that I've took on a Friday night, that somehow conclude
the absence of my reunion date with my relatives.

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Well, I'd really like to thanks Andie for taking care of me on that
particular drunk night. She has been extremely patient and nice
towards me, and I really appreciate much.
Thank you Darling :)

PS: More CNY pics will upload soon ♥

12 February 2010

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This year, Valentine's day and Lunar New Year falls on the
same day which is, 14th of February 2010.

Well, I guessed Chinese new year is the only period that I will
thoroughly cleans up my bedroom, because I so wanna sweep
away all my ill-fortune that I have accumulated over the
year 2009, and of course not forgetting to make way
for the incoming good fortune!

Also, this is the only period where my mum will pour out alot
of her money to buy Chinese New Year goodies, food, and
decoration. As my dad is the eldest son among his siblings,
therefore many relatives will come to my house for visiting.

Saying about Chinese New Year goodies, it really makes me
excited much. Well, goodies like the Pineapple tarts, Prawn rolls,
almond cookies, love letters, and bak kwa are always my favourite!
And I bet no one can ever resist the above mentioned goodies,
especially Pineapple tarts. It's like, once I start eating them,
I simply can't restrain myself from stopping it.

Apparently, my mum has already warned me not to take

too much of these goodies during the coming festive season,
because I'm the sort of person that will fall sick easily :(

Furthermore, I've not been excising for months, and it was
like my muscles are turning into fats, while fat cells are
multiplying even faster than I can imagine :S

But well, who really cares? I'm so gonna enjoy myself from
eating those "healthy" goodies, because to me it's a
form of stress relief, as you can see I'm
never a stress-free person due to my work commitment.

Well, besides celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year,

February also a month associated with love and romance.

As I've always mentioned, Valentine's Day doesn't makes me
feel bad or lonely at all, though the fact that I've not been
celebrating Valentine
for almost 3 years. However, I still feel
very much comfortable to enjoy my freedom and single hood!

Anyway, everything happens for a reason, and to me
Valentine's day is just another day to mark the new beginning

of another friendship!

Alright for now, I hereby wish all my readers happiness, prosperity
and longevity, and be blessed with the best of wealth and health!
Gong Xi Fai Cai !!! :D

04 February 2010

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Many are aware that the word "superstition" is an inaccurate
belief, which
give people false impression or illusion control over
certain weird or strange
things that humans can never understand
but yet
trying to obsessed things that aren't even known to be

Well, the Chinese family are particularly superstitious,
especially the old folks, and as long as there's one in your
house, you will tend to hear many superstitious stories from them.

For example : Your parents or grandparents will always ask
you to finish your bowl of rice or else your future husband or wife
will have "pimple face" or just be Fugly looking ones.

For dating couples, if you drop scissors, it means that your
lover is flirting behind your back, and being unfaithful to you.

And if you ever break a mirror, it means that you will have
7 years of bad luck.

Well, these are the most common superstitious beliefs
and stories which passed on from generation to generation,
and up to date there are still many believers who believe the

In the Chinese culture, some numbers are believed to be
auspicious or inauspicious.

For example:
Many Cantonese dislike the number 4, because it sounds very
similar to the word "die" in Cantonese. And many love the
number 8, because it pronounce as "Fai" in Cantonese, meaning

Till now, many people still attempt to obtain, or pay large amount
of money for numbers that considered as auspicious for their
phone numbers, driver's license number, vehicle license plate number,
and address.

The English people in western countries love the number 7,
because they believed the number 7 brings them luck.

As for me, I'd say 3 is a particular unlucky number for me,
because it always bring me bad luck whenever I bump into the
number. Be it a 3, 13, 33 or anything associated with the number 3,
it will sure hit me with rotten luck.

Also, I loathe the color Pink. Or maybe just put it this way,
the color Pink sure brings me bad omen, because whenever
I get attached to this color, something bad or misfortune
will sure falls for me! (This is not a joke!)

Lastly, based on my personal experiences and opinions,
earrings bring me "suay" too. And, I'd say it's brutally true
and accurate according to my personal encounters.

Well, there's more superstitious stuff you may wish to know,
if you are consider one of those believers out there!!!

Below are some of the Superstitious beliefs told by
the old folks which you may be unaware of, but well
it's entirely up to you to believe it or not :

Here it goes:

1) If a clock in your house has not been working for years, and
....it chimes, it means that there will be a death in the family.

2) It is unlucky to see your face in a mirror by candlelight, because
.....the next day your face will be full of pimples.

3) If you walk or drive passed a cemetery, you must hold
.....your breath or else you will breathe in the spirit of dead
.....who has recently passed away.

4) If you dream of someone's death, it's a sign of a new birth,
.....but if you dream of a new birth, it's a sign of the death.

5) If 3 people are photographed together, it was said that
.....the one in the middle will die first.

6) If you blow out all the candles on your birthday cake
.....with the first puff, your birthday wish will come true.

7) If you see 7 butterflies flying besides each other, it means
.....you will have good luck for the next 3 days.

8) A dog howling at night when someone in the house is sick
.....is a very bad omen.

9) If your right ear itches, someone is speaking well of you,
.....but if your left ear itches, someone is speaking ill of you.

10) On Chinese New Year, if you wear new clothing and the
.......color is red, it will brings you good luck throughout the year.

11) If you go fishing and you catch your 1st fish of the day,
......throw it back and you'll be lucky, but if you count the numbers
......of fish you caught, then you will catch no more that day.

12) If your right palm itches, it means you will soon be getting
.......lots of money, however if your left palm itches, it means you
.......will soon oweing lots of debts.

13) It's always good luck to find a four-leaf clover.

14) If a mirror in your house falls and breaks by itself, and you
.......are the only one saw it, it means you will have bad luck for the
.......next 6 months. And if nobody saw it, it means someone in the
.......house will die soon.

15) If a woman is buried in black dress with black lipstick,
.......she will soon return to haunt the family, and if her eyes are
.......left open, she will find someone to take her place.

16) If 13 people sit down at a table to eat, the 4th person will die
.......before the year is over.

17) If you see a a crow in your dream drinking milk, it means
.......disappointment in everything, grief and misfortune.

18) Seeing rainbow is consider a good sign.

19) If you saw a spider climbing the wall in your dream,
......you will have your greatest wish come true, and if you see
......a spider spinning a web, you will get promoted within a year
......for your hard work.

20) If you get out of your bed on the same side that you gets in,
.......you will have good luck throughout the day.

After reading it, I guessed many non religious believers
truly see the superstitious ones as ignorance, dumb,
and full of craps. But well, you can try to believe or ignore
it, the choice is always yours.

And out of the ordinary, I'm one of the many believers
who believe the superstitious . . .

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