10 December 2009


08 December 2009

The 5 letter word - CRUSH

In life, we all experience a bittersweet period of time when
we had a crush on some guy or girl who we truly believe
that he or she is one of a kind.

However, when our crush does not reciprocate our feelings and
has no romantic interest in us, it definitely hurts in many ways.

Therefore, I decided to blog about this topic that clearly explains
how I am going to get over the asshole crush permanently !!!

10 steps approach to getting over your crush :

1. To stop believing that the person you have a crush on is one of a kind,

Always remember, no matter how insanely you think of him,
there will sure be other someone in the near future that will be
unique, special or even better in their own way.

2. Never think of yourself as a loser just because the person said
they are NOT interested in you or that you're too pretty, too good,
too sexy, too nice etc. Or a more stupid reason like, because you guys
are in the same company and that it's a NO no for relationship.
Seriously, those people just fucking need a life, by giving
lame excuses to pretty girls, like us.

So why bother to even pains you to think about them?
Move on, because they're not even worth a quick thought.

3. Pamper yourself with an extreme make-over. Get a fresh perm,
a golden tan, and buy a new expensive dress.

Start to feel confident about yourself all over again, and let them
see in a different you.

4. Picture yourself and imagine yourself saying the magic word 'I do'.
If you burst into laughter, it means that he or she ain't your right ones,
and your crush is probably the result of a wistful libido.

So laugh it off and move on!

5. EAT.
EAT is all you can do to forget about everything and anything!
Seriously, yes it is.

6. Believing that what you've experience is just an emotion, a stage,
and as such you can get over it.

Well, a good cry always helps, just let your feelings pour out and keep
in mind that he or she will be just a thing of the past.

7. Find someone else BETTER. It will sure be difficult to forget your
crush if you're sitting there alone on a lonely night. So why wait?
Get ready to meet up that funky guy who always smiles at you.

8. Look in the mirror, smile, and tell yourself,
"You're worth it, and he is NOT" And it always good to keep this
in mind that those ugly bastards are the ones that are going to be
missing out on you.

So chill !!!

9. Well, it's time to face reality! Be mindful that he is a bastard who
didn't like you at all! What you felt was meaningful to you but to him
it's just a form of flirting, and probably just an excuse for him to get in
some shameless female attention.


10. Tell yourself the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth
that is, the ugly bastard is just a crush!

Seriously, I just loathe playboys. I never really like anyone of them in
my life but well, there are some women just want to feel that they
are special, unique and capable enough to uncover a playboy's heart
of gold through a pile of mud and probably turn him into a nice guy.

I mean WTF?

How sure are you to transform those playboys or "change" them
with the magic of love?

Digging through the mud hardly turns up a heart of gold!
I mean, if this guy presents himself as mud, then there is no point
for digging this kind of "gold" if he doesn't want you to have.

Because in the end, all you will get is a pair muddy hands and a broken heart.


PS: Guess I love complaining, well it's time for me to get my ass to work! :)

03 December 2009

Hey readers,
I do apologise for the lack of blogging, because recently
I've been incredibly busy with my work schedule :(

So here a very quick update of my life!

Few days ago, I received a cheque from Nuffnang. ....................................

Even though it's just a few hundred dollars, I'm still
pretty excited to receive money by just blogging :)

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- Some pics taken @ Zouk

Seriously, there's more pics but I'm too reluctant to post
all the pics here =)

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Gd night, & I shall blog AGAIN . .

PS: I loathe womanizer

01 December 2009