20 November 2009


10 November 2009


05 November 2009

What turns me on?

Very often, I blog about what pisses me off during a date.
Now let me tell you what kind of men really turns me on?

First, let's talk about the parts of a man's body that
will certainly turns me on in priority order.

  1. Height
  2. Asian eyes
  3. Muscular arms
  4. Extra-Large penis
  5. Kissable lips
  6. Sharp nose
  7. Clean face (No three-day beard pls)
  8. Flat belly
  9. Fair Skin



I mean the above mentioned things is what
most women will look for a man.

Don't you agree with me?

Well in general, as long as a man who is clean and healthy,
it should be alright, also a little extra weight is usually acceptable,
but definitely not to the extend of obesity ok.
(I mean most guys do not like overweight women too!)

Alright, if I'm seriously seeking for a long-term partner
this will be my priority list:


  1. Personality
  2. Sense of Humour
  3. Sensitivity
  4. Brains
I really appreciated men who obsessed good personality.
I need someone who is caring, understanding and is able to
communicate with me, but is also strong, rugged and masculine.
And of course he must be someone who treat everyone with
respect and do not patronize women.

A man with a good sense of humor, that can makes me smile
and laugh most of the time, and be able to listen and remember

things about me.

And of course, he must definitely have a steady job,
who is ambitious and knows where he is heading in life.

Oh yes, mentioning about this, I certainly detest men who are
heavily dependent on their family's wealth, acting macho because
they drive fancy cars and trying to impress women by talking about
their material possessions, but got nothing in their brains and yet
thinking they are mutha-fucking hell great because their daddy
are rich! 1 word for them, "Fuck-Off" because it's the biggest turn-off!

(If only you you could relate to who I'm saying)

I guess most of these are just common sense.

It's just so simple, most women want is a honest and decent man
who cares and loves her deeply, and that's apply to me as well.

Unfortunately out of ten men, nine of them just cant be bother to
address themself as decent and let alone be honest?

So, are you're one in a million?

PS: Pics up soon!

02 November 2009


01 November 2009

Dear readers,

I apologise for the lack of blogging, because recently
I've been busy concentrating on my current job.

And I'd say, most of the time I'm outside the field working,
rather than staying home to complete the important stuff.

Well, that's one of the reason why I have not been blogging
and tweeting too much!

Another reason is, my PC crash again!
Arghhh . . .

Seriously, I got sick and frustrated of my PC crashing at
the most inopportune moments and losing important data!!!

And you guys have no idea, my PC was only less than a year old
but it was constantly crashing and freezing like mad and for
no apparent reason!

Well, it always take a crash for someone like me to remember
the importance of backup valuable data, by which time it's too late
to even safe a life :(

Also, yesterday I ended my work pretty early so as to prepare
myself for Zouk Halloween's partee.

So readers, stay tuned for the upcoming Halloween's pics !
I promise, I'll be blogging really really SOON =)