05 September 2009

The Ugly Truth
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The Ugly Truth for falling in love with someone was all
about the romance game. Agree?

However, it's really hard for me to find my Mr Perfect,
since I get turn-off by men easily, especially most of
them are real sickening at times.

Well, I think the BIGGEST turn-off factor during a date is when
the person you are dating with, forgets his manners!

Quote from my personal experience:

I remember not long ago, I dated a guy and I felt so disgusted
his manner. I mean, he actually farts in the cinema?

Alright, I know farting is natural and also consider a good sign
of a healthy body diet,
but it's just unacceptable by me and
for goodness sake, he
is farting in a public place like the cinema?

And worst, after he farts, he kept a straight face, and so
no one will actually know he did it.
But me, who looked embarrassed because he farts, and
my face usually went red, appeared to be the "Culprit"?


After the movie ends, this guy thought the whole thing sound

so hilarious that he kept laughing like HOO HOO HAR HAR!

I mean, this isn't funny at all, and like obviously if he really
wants to fart or something, can't he just go to the toilet or
maybe at least give me a min notice?

To be honest, manners show maturity, and I can only conclude that
people who don't obsessed good manners turns me off BIG TIME!

Well, some men just never get further after the first date.

Alright, back to topic.

I m seriously so keen to watch the movie "The Ugly Truth",
because it really interest me so much!

Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl
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Well, I've always love watching romantic comedies, and enjoy
light fun and hilarious movie without being overly mushy.

And I think this movie fits the bill and
definitely worth the price
for theater tickets!!!

And so, why wait?

Be a fan at the official Facebook page and catch The Ugly Truth
when it opens in the cinemas on the 17th September 09!