21 September 2009

The Cove
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Many are aware that dolphins are intelligent, adorable
and people-friendly, and that they belong to the open sea.

But have you ever heard of dolphin slaughtering?

And, does it sound really intense to you?
Or probably makes you fear of how devastating this
dolphin slaughtering will be?

"The Cove" is an amazing movie, and I'd say this not only
because of the content matters, but also portrayed in an
informative and passionate way of how a cruel reality have
showed us the dark side of dolphin slaughtering.

It is intelligently presented, taking everyone on an emotional
and eye-opening journey that really makes us realise how
destructive the dolphin slaughtering is.

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According to the film, people who killed dolphins believe that dolphins
are pests and there's no mecury poison in the meat and therefore,
they replace dolphin's meat with other high quality fish meat and
sold in most supermarkets.

The film maker, holding a slice of dolphin's meat sold in the supermarket. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Frankly speaking, I am truly impressed by the film makers
of this movie to be able to translate their love and passion
for dolphins into a very touching and moving film.

Lastly, I would recommend this movie to everyone because it is
the most fantastic documentary I have ever seen in my life.

PS: Visit the official website, TAKEPART
......Spread the word, and save dolphins !!!