25 August 2009

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Some random thoughts:


So recently, I faced a reality that I had been denying.
Something I never imagined could happen to me, had happened.

And that I'd have to be agree that I HATE alcohol, as it can never
be good for
the soul because it makes me feel sick and fat!

Friends are saying, partying can be fun even without drinking
alcohol, but to me its never the case.

It was like:

Partying without alcohol = Never be fun
Partying with alcohol = Always be fun + hang-over the next morning.

Sunday partying @ St James with the girls

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However, I seriously loathe the kind of hang-over feeling the next day,
because it makes me feel really bad and terrible about myself that I'd
always reminding myself, again and again, and again that I'd never
allowed to let myself to drink anymore!

And so, I guess I need to take a break from all the endless partying =(

Not ready to play nice

People are still telling me that I'm the sort of person many
will find it difficult to get along with, due to my attitude &
behaviour, and that I should probably do something about it.

To be frank, I do not know how many people I have annoyed due
to my attitudes, behaviour and maybe opinions, but I guess I m
just being honest to myself and everyone, though the fact that
majority may not like it.

But there are some retards in this world, that one should
never show mercy to them!

For eg, there's this person who always used to gossip about
me and my online stuff to my sister. And I seriously loathe people
who gossips about me to others, especially to my family members.

Yes, I may be a bitch but I'm honest with my opinions, and I don't
wish to gossips about others because I think I have much better things
to do, and that I'm more concern about my own life and style.
And obviously, I don't even bother to please anyone, and so I wish
these retards can just shut up and keep me out of their mouth!

Case of the Ex

It was never a good experience for me when my ex boyfriend
dumped me two years ago.

As I have mentioned earlier in my previous entry about
how miserable I am, crying all nights, holding my
pillow and hitting the walls all day long after my broken

love-affair with Mr T which ended in the year 2007.

And I thought as the years passed, with the help of BB
and many endless drinking and partying session has evidently

changed the way I felt towards my ex boyfriend until one fine day,
I accidentally bump into his Facebook and saw this,

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He's in a relationship NOW!


How can a heartless man like him to be able to find one true love?

Honestly, I don't deny the fact that I still feel pretty upset
upon knowing the news, and somehow struggled to abandon my
jealousy for he was able to find a new love AGAIN.

And so, in my saddest and most awkward moments of my life,
I told myself that I do not wish to hear anything about him anymore.

Therefore, I deleted him in my facebook list and also in msn.
I know I sound rather childish, but I guess it's the best solution for
me to actually get over everything.

Say NO

I remember, one Sunday morning weeks ago,
I accidentally bump into
my ex colleague Mr xxx.

He told me, he is still working in the MLM Company.
Also, he was suggesting that, maybe I should make a
come back and join his team to fight for the sales.

My reply to him:

"Sorry, I'd say no thanks, the word MLM makes me puke!"

Anyway, I felt so turned off by the word MLM.
I remember, when I just started working in HSBC at the point of time,

I met a so called friend who introduced me to join this XXX Company.

And so, when I join the company for working just as part-timer,
I was forced to profiteer from all my friends, relatives and my loved ones,

getting myself so fuck-up, brainwashed by those so called "leaders",
and stupidly hero-worshipping the so called up-lines as God.

I stopped within 3 months, because I SERIOUSLY hate it!
I loathe the feeling as if I was making use of my friends and
relatives, even though I was making some money out of it,
but I didn't enjoy it at all.

And so, I throw away his name card! :S

Alright, I'm going to drive everyone to the point of my temporary
insanity through my random thoughts.
Anyway, I've decided to stay at home for the rest of the week,
and probably think of a better solution to get more deals!

Gd nite!