31 March 2009


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30 March 2009

ovely partee mates

Love me or Hate me?
You decide . . .
Xtin luv herself

More pics will upload soon . . . .

28 March 2009

Partee nitez


27 March 2009

Nothing last forever . . .

21 March 2009

My Bad Habits Part I

Some time ago in my previous entry, I did blog about
I am a good girl with lots of bad habits, and admittedly,
it's a weird list at first glance, so do allow me to explain.

My bad habits:

Talking Shit/Cursing people who hates me

In my Weirdshit world, I think my definition of 1+1
equals to 51, and this weirdshit is not a spam!

Evidently, there are so many werid people talking shit
in this ass world,the pretty ones, ugly ones, fat ones,
hypocrite ones,
faking ones, irritating ones, political ones
plastic ones, and what ?

Most people just don't get a life at all, and this is
consider one of a very sad case!!!

For the very PLASTIC/Hypocrite ones

There's this plastic ones who's talking shit and sending me
numerous comments that I couldn't help but to laugh at her!

Look, who's talking shit now?
Who is misleading everyone to believe who you really are?
Me Or it's just really YOU? (Sad & Insecure case)!!!!

And if my blog isn't written by me, then who?
YOU? Oh God....

Plastic is already embarrassing let alone plagiarism?

Saying I'm just a Chinese and try acting so hard...
But look, at least my grandma is not a pure Chinese, and
what about YOU? Plastic to make it Non-Chinese?

Because after seeing several nasty comments you wrote to me,
I've determined that I will
NEVER like you as a person.
Nope, not at all. I'd say NO THANKS!

You 're WAY too fake and unreal, that consistently
wrote nasty comments to provoke me and certainly
flame others and that's includes your true friends....
(You know who you really are!)

For the very IRRITATING ones

There's so many irritating ones coming along, saying:

" Hi, next month Im coming to Singapore and do you think we
could just catch up for a coffee or something"?

"Hey babe, I'll drop by Singapore for a few days and meanwhile
do you think its possible for you to tour me around Singapore"?

And I'm receiving this kind of weridshit almost everyday!!!
So people, do you think I'm seriously so FREE to entertain you?
I seriously have much better things to do than to do those
job okay.

And for goodness sake, I m not a tour guide!!!

For the FAKE/Ugly ones
Recently I came across this particular fake person who thinks
is real cool with her looks and stuff and thinks that I'm
a threat to her of snatching away all her friends.

Seriously No big deal!!!
Don't pretend to be civil, when you seriously are trying so hard
to put on that fake smile when you see me in clubs!
It's X-tin talking shit, talking weridshit
and do you know....

Talking shit is my weirdshit.
Weridshit is weirdshit. Get it?
I know, by expressing all my thoughts in my blog may
cause lots of people to actually loathe me in a way, but well
that's me, its X-tin, she's not fake, she's JUST being Honest!
I seriously think I m sort of a hopeless procrastinator,
who probably consider very much of a inherently lazy or
inefficient type A.
Inevitably, there will always be at least 2 or 3 things
that I'll just putting off from my sight, simply because
I do not want to touch them, do them, or even smell them
though there isn't much things in my plates.

And my boss really hate it!!!
Since I know I m a typical procrastinator,
the worst thing I can do is - NOTHING!

Drinking alcohol

Need me to explain more?
Its official for some inexplicable reason, my hobby
is still drinking and parties.

I'm so much in love with Vodka and red wine simply
because I really found them good for the soul and
that it actually relax my mind.

Vodka I love you !

A kiss touches my lips to another place where the kiss
essential by itself. And frankly speaking, I put alot of
stock in a man's kissing ability :)
I love kissing because I feel that kissing is an art that
requires certain kind of effort, practice, feelings and
some sort of patience. And like every girls, I always
remember the best kisses of my life.
Some of the memorable kissing pics with my close friends:

And do you know that real kissing gets serious workout?
Hey, I'm not talking shit, let's say you've been taking kissing
seriously, you will tend to lose certain percentage of calories
by just kissing.

No joke!
So WHY wait?
Burn unwanted calories and make an impact!
Self obsessed

As you may wish to know I love to cam-whore myself
more than anything else. And I make the character as
much of myself as I could, so if those pictures speak
volume about me then why not show it?

Vainpot is the only word that I'd allow myself to use

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Late coming
Sad to say, I don't own any character of punctuality.
I'm the kind of person who's late for everything.
I was late for school, exams, dinner dates, chilling,
parties and many more...
For many years, I could be count as one of the
super late comers committee.
For example, there's a meeting at 7 am, boss will be
there at 7.30 am. X-tin will be there at 8 am?
Dinner dates at 8pm? X-tin will only be there at 9 pm?
See, I'm just not being prompt, precise, or exact.
Habitually unfaithful to any of the important appointments
that associated with time.
Okay, that's excuses...
I'm actually throwing away my time!!!

And so, do you still wanna date me out?

Alright enough my weirdshit, I guess I shall stop here
and better be off for my movie date or else . . .
P/S: I still miss you so far ♥♥♥
It's Supper Time


Mmmm... yum yum ... chi chi ... :D...

17 March 2009

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15 March 2009

I don't wanna say "GoodBye" !!!

The past week has been absolute hell for me,
although by now I know that this sort of declaration
is very much of a redundancy. :(

Tue midnight at 12 o'clock as the day ends

p/s: For some inexplicable reasons which were once
upon a time evident to me.