26 February 2009

Baby xtin

25 February 2009

v i r g i n l u v t o x i c

In Joy or Sadness,
a happy heart always
a cheerful face.

I am not fully dressed,
until I adorn myself with a smile

It's just another Xcuse to Camwhore!

23 February 2009

Xtin is so vi................
Night life is always aLive !!!

Seriously I am one of those party animals that can never
sleep at night and simply need to go out :D

My weekends @ St James - Powerhouse & Tabs

Christina, Me & Low wee


Dancing to the music and drinking each night !!!

22 February 2009

Xtin is Virginluvtoxic

After the rain ...

A ray of sunshine,
a balmy breeze are a gift from God.
To gives us faithful friends
and to warm our hearts with love.

As my soul is sunshine.
May flowers always line my path
and sunshine light my way.

May songbirds serenade
my every step along the journey.

May colors rainbow run beside me
in a sky that's always blue,
and happiness fill my heart
with the name of sunshine


18 February 2009


15 February 2009

Happy Friendship Day